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Focus Home Interactive & Lightbulb Crew Reveal “Othercide”

Focus Home Interactive and Lightbulb Crew have revealed their latest Gothic tactical role-playing game called Othercide, coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game will mix dramatic actions and choices with a specific turn system. You can check out the Focus Home booth at PAX East this week. But for now, we have photos and a trailer, along with more information about the game for you below.

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Credit: Focus Home Interactive

Othercide is a horror-themed turn-based strategy game where tradition and game mechanics are closely intertwined to offer a twisted, dark and challenging experience. Enter a brutal world under assault by terrifying creatures of another dimension, hold the tide with limited resources and endure brutal conditions in a visually stunning world.

– Experience dynamic turn-based combat and a new way to anticipate enemy movements to execute an impeccable tactical plan. Using the Dynamic Timeline System and a unique set of skills, you will be able to:

  • Stop an enemy attack
  • Schedule a delayed action that will be triggered later in the timeline
  • Use your reaction ability to respond to any threats

– Prepare to suffer and face close calls in our terrifying and ruthless universe. With roguelite characteristics, deadly missions, limited resources and permanent death, there is no room for error.

– Level up, unlock new skills and collect memories from the death of your enemies. A limited number of these bonuses can be implemented in your skills to improve their stats. But choose wisely as once implemented, you cannot take them back, unless … you decide to sacrifice your Daughter!

– Make dramatic choices and resist the traumatic experiences of your Daughters that will make them stronger or weaker.

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