follow live Xbox ads at the Video Game Show


For the moment, this conference is so rhythmic that we do not really have the time to make silly jokes during idle times, which do not exist. Make timeouts, Microsoft.
It's not Minecraft 2, it's Minecraft Dungeons, a kind of … Diablo cubic?

Disagree, Ori 2 is still pretty (and planned for February 11).

Bleeding Hedge, we learn the logo of what is so, we can well say, a cross between Arms and the Guitar Hero aesthetics.

Interesting cross between Arms and Guitar Hero

(what is it ?)

We think of Overwatch. Except Michael who thinks about a bottle of water.

The truth has just been discovered.

Ninja Theory, recently acquired by MS and author of a very narrative game about mental illness (Hellblade), is on stage. They present … a competitive multiplayer game, Bleeding Edge.

The Outer Worlds, by Obsidian (Pillars of Eternity), is the first game presented, it's an exclusive Xbox One / Xbox Game Pass, which will be released in October. We start soft.

Outer Worlds! Outer Wilds is the masterpiece I could not write the test before leaving for Los Angeles.
Rizzo's will be the first word that we have seen in this conference. We also saw Pancakes and Bumblebee. And Halcyon. You should write an article about fake signs in video games.

Open with a trailer of Outer Wilds, the new game from Fallout's creators. We see them on Wednesday with Michael.

While Portugal has just opened the score, Microsoft begins its conference. Coincidence? Nobody knows.
A countdown displays lots of numbers between 9 and 0.

Our best investigators are on the spot, thanks to them.

Corentin: by way of plan C, you can propose to Michael to replace you if and only if he replaces his avatar with a Mario avatar. I will be uncompromising on this, we are live, it's a question of dress.

My wifi has just let go, I go to plan B: the 4G. I do not have a plan C.

The voice confirms that it starts in 3 minutes.

Note that the code name of the next Xbox is "Scarlett" and that if someone has a rational explanation, we are here.
While here is a picture of atmosphere, where we guess Corentin warming his voice to cheer as it should the announcement of Crackdown 4.


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