Follow the “dates” of the show of the Fatwa series by Yasser Jalal, the third episode 3, Timing of the show and broadcast on Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar

The date of the second series of “Al-Fatwa” series will be presented today, Saturday, April 25, 2020, where a new episode of the second series of “Al-Fatwa” series 2 will be launched on the air by the famous star Yasser Jalal, where we have the blessed month of Ramadan every year, and also brings a lot of controversy between opinions and between a supporter and an opponent in which he competes Artists to present their best to take the largest part of the space available to them to insert themselves in the small screen between fans of Egyptian and Arab drama in general and the work varies between romance, social and drama and our date is now with a series of a much different kind it is about the time of the Fatwat, so we provide you with the dates of the presentation of the series A For bully and carrier channels.

He enters a second scene to see Mai Omar as she heads to Farah without the knowledge of her father, and to help Hanadi Muhanna “Shukr” and she dances “Lail” in joy as it may show the belle “Najla Badr” which may bargain with men with hotness over the teacher “human” and that To marry him in exchange for money and gold, while we may also see “May Omar” in joy as she waits for the arrival of her mother’s tenderness, and when she begins to learn not to attend, she leaves the joy.

The second episode of Radio Al-Fatwa series begins tonight on the red life channel of the famous star Yasser Jalal, who has started his artistic works in the shadow of the president who met with great success during the last period, as he may meet a successful fate in this series as well, as Ramez Jalal, his brother who is doing work Dumps among people during Ramadan and this year entered the official presentation of the Ramez Majnoon Program, and is popular with other shows and episodes.

On TV channel introduces the new show of the Al-Fatwa series, the second episode 2, which will deal with new events, as Yasser Jalal enters the series, after the great success that he has achieved during the past years in the President’s shadow shows that were talking about the President’s Guard and what is happening with internal issues, and came This year, in a new story, different from others, in which he deals with what happens in some neighborhoods.

Fatwa series story:

The Fatwa series takes us to an old age, it is the era of the bullies, but it deals with the issue completely differently, and the series is expected to achieve a lot of important views and a lot of profits due to the importance of the issue discussed and its social perspective also, and also because of the decor of the series, they confirmed the serial heroes that the decoration of the series has a big and clear reason in His popularity is due to the visits of embassies and foreigners to the series itself, so that they can enjoy what is happening inside the filming location due to its difference from other filming locations.

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The date of the series of the “Fatwa” series, the second episode, starring Yasser Galal, the frequency of the transport channels and the dates of the show

The date of the Fatwa series show:

Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel will display the first episodes of the Al-Fatwa series today, Friday, April 24 of this year, at twelve o’clock midnight and five, and it will be repeated after that with all channels of life such as Al-Hayara Drama and Blue Life.

The Fatwa series team:

The star Ramez Jalal stars in the series, which plays the main character for him and is assisted by a group of the brightest stars such as Hanadi Mohanna, Ahdi Sadiq, Majdi Fakar, Laila Ahmed Zahir, Aida Riyad and Ahmed Khaled Saleh.

The frequency of the Red Life channel, which carries the Fatwa series:

Frequency 12437 vertical coding rate: 27500 and a correction factor of 3/4 and in the intervention of the artist Ramiz Jalal with a program with the anchor for Beni Assal, he is one of his best roles and he is different from all his roles because he deals with an important time period in different human ages and with a different human and social view and explains the traditions and customs of Egypt at that time in those The different time period in the eras of Egypt.

The life channel frequency 2020 Al Hamra to follow the series of Fatwa by Yasser Jalal

You can receive the frequency of the Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel in order to follow up the events of the second episode of the series, Fatwa Yasser Galal

  • Channel name: Red Life.
  • Moon name: Nilesat
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Frequency: 1206
  • Coding rate: 27500
  • Coding factor: 34
  • Channel quality: SD

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