Food prices are rising sharply! We will pay extra for these products

The index monitors changes in the prices of cereals, dairy products, meat and sugar every month. According to the organization, these are the most common foods traded. Cena u cereals increased by 7.1% month-on-month, mainly due to higher corn prices.

“The price of corn has now risen by 11.2%, mainly due to Chinese purchases, lower production and stocks in the United States and the temporary suspension of exports from Argentina,” the FAO report said. Wheat prices rose by 6.8% due to high global demand and lower sales by Russia.

The price index also rose by 5.8% vegetable oil. It is now the highest since May 2012. This was mainly due to lower palm oil production in Indonesia and Malaysia due to persistent heavy rains and labor shortages.

Prices sugar increased by 8.1% due to the expected low yield in the European Union, Russia and Thailand. It is also due to the dry weather in South America. “The increase in this index has also been supported by rising oil prices,” said experts.

A slight increase in prices by 1.6% was recorded at milk and milk products. As well as the price index time rose by one percent due to rising poultry prices after bird flu began to spread in Europe.

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