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Food supplements considered dangerous pointed out in a study – teller report

A French media has warned of the risks that certain drugs and food supplements represent for consumers. According to the publications of the specialist magazine: 60 million consumers who conducted a study on drugs and dietary supplements, many of them pose risks to those who subscribe to them. According to the result of the survey, less than 15% of this type of medication would be recommended. The study carried out by the media affected a total of 132 drugs and food supplements.

Several of them would be prohibited

Several dozen of these drugs would simply be prohibited. The magazine’s deputy editor made a point of emphasizing the various consequences to which consumers of these products are exposed. Christelle Pangrazzi cites in particular the risks of infections, hepatic risks, infarction, neurological disorders… According to the details that have been made specifically on cough and sore throat medications, they would all be classified as red.

A great success, however, with the French

Food supplements contain excessive doses of vitamins and are even counterproductive or harmful. These products are however adopted by the French. They are used to cure ailments such as fatigue, insomnia, or to promote digestion, immunity and many other things. To believe the conclusions drawn by 60 million consumers drugs known to be effective ” paracetamol “ and “Ibuprofen”.

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