football, a girls story



The workers of the weapons factories, the "munitionettes", form teams and play football on their free time. In France, women's clubs are located in the Paris region.


First international match between the Dick Kerr Ladies and a selection of French players from Paris and its suburbs. The feminist Alice Milliat campaigns for the promotion of sport and women's football, despite the macho resistance of the time.

From 1925

The federation does not favor women's teams and clubs.


Due to lack of resources and structures, the girls' teams will become rarer and the coup de grace is given in 1941 with the outright ban on women's football by the Vichy government.

World Cup, three generations of Bleues tell their football


After several decades of sluggishness, women's football is reborn as a kermesse attraction in eastern and northern France. This will be the case in Reims in August 1968. The Reims players form the backbone of the French team.


The French Football Federation (FFF) recognizes women's football.


Aimé Jacquet opens the doors of the Clairefontaine center to the French women's team.

Early 2000s

French players are beginning to make a name for themselves, like Marinette Pichon, who will be part of her career in the professional league in the United States.


The French team finished fourth at the World Cup in Germany. Beautiful media success.


Corinne Deacon becomes the first coach of a men's team with Clermont.

June 2019

Start of the World Cup in France.

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