Football: Alexandre Pasche: “I heard a big noise”

Victim of a ruptured Achilles tendon for his first official match with Xamax, the former LS midfielder looks back on this fateful 39th minute. He will be operated on Tuesday in a clinic in Aargau.

Alexandre Pasche (here in the LS jersey) will probably not play again this season with his new club.


For his first official game since his relegation, NE Xamax was not only taken out of the Cup by Kriens (loss 4-1). Sunday afternoon, he also lost Alexandre Pasche to injury. Transferred last August 14 to La Maladière, the man on whom the Neuchâtel club had relied on to supervise its youngest elements will probably not play again this season.

On a release from the Lucerne goalkeeper, the 29-year-old injured himself when he wanted to control the ball, on a banal cushioning (39th), without there being any contact with an opponent, and then that Kriens was already leading 1-0.

“It’s no use lamenting me, it won’t change anything”

Alexandre Pasche, Xamax midfielder

Established on the spot, the first diagnosis should very quickly suggest a rupture of the right Achilles tendon, which usually causes between eight and ten months of arrest.

Carried out this Monday in a clinic in Aargau, the MRI to which the player was subjected unfortunately confirmed the fears. “This is what I feared and that I had been told, a total rupture of the Achilles tendon, deplores Pasche. But there’s no point in lamenting me, that won’t change anything. ” Let’s call it the plague, which always falls on you at the wrong time (but is there a good one?).

When rewinding the film of his misfortunes, No 8 de la Maladière remembers having first thought of being the victim of a hard tackle. “At the time, I heard a loud noise. I thought an opponent had hit me from behind but when I turned around I saw that I was alone. I immediately understood… ”

Her daddy and grandfather had the same injury

As for the why and how of this terrible injury, the possible reasons can be multiple. “I did all the preparation on synthetic. Perhaps my body has not supported this load as I would have liked … “The former midfielder of Pontaise outlines another track, more family. “My father and my grandpa each suffered the same injury… is it hereditary? That’s what I was told … “

“I feel bad about Xamax who trusted me. But I must be positive, find the strength to come back ”

Alexandre Pasche, Xamax midfielder

For Alexandre Pasche, apart from an adductor problem that kept him away from the pitch for a few weeks, this is the first big breakage. He is all the more sorry because he had just started his new challenge in Neuchâtel. “Until then, I had been spared physical glitches in my career,” he continues. Today, I feel bad about Xamax who trusted me. But I must be positive, find the strength to come back in order to bring, when the time comes, what I must bring. “

The Vaudois will in principle be operated on this Tuesday already at the end of the day, at the Altius clinic, in Rheinfelden, by Dr Lukas Weisskopf, a specialist in Achilles tendons in athletes. “Then I will have to be patient, without wanting to cut corners, he agreed, a few hours before leaving for the operating room. The goal is to play again when my body is ready to do it… ”

We can only wish the neo-Xamaxien a speedy and above all complete recovery.

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