Football internet broke his head over where Kai Havertz disappeared?

After Frank Lampard and Timo Werner spoke at a press conference that was dedicated to the match against Rennes, the team held a training session with which they eventually posted a photo on the club’s official website. All journalists immediately noticed that Kai Havertz was not in the photo and video footage from the training.

Lampard at the conference before this confidently stated that of the injured in the team now only Christian Pulisic and no new injuries, but why then Havertz was absent from training? This is an open question, to which so far no reputable journalist has found an answer, there are only guesses: Simon Johnson from The Athletic suggested that the German midfielder was probably given a rest, because if he had an injury and even if Lampard did not want talk about it, the news would still have leaked to the press.

So it is not known where Havertz disappeared and why he did not conduct a general training session with the team. It is possible that the player still has an injury that Frank did not mention. In any case, after the match with Rennes, we will know the answer.


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