August 25, 2019

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For 5 days, he remains stuck in a stool

The case is not trivial and it must have been particularly trying for the victim. A sexagenarian stuck his head in the bars of his stepladder while he was doing DIY in Mattaincourt in the Vosges. Unable to free himself, he had to wait five days for help.

As explained Republican Eastrevealing the information, the man was tinkering in his bathroom, perched on his stool. "Unfortunately, he loses his balance and falls. But, by some contortion, he will freeze his head between two bars of the stool", says the daily.

The situation will even worsen since his head will start to swell and become even more blocked, making it impossible for him to free himself. The victim was unable to seize his mobile phone or to call for help.

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The sexagenarian owes his salvation to a visit from his sister who found him in this embarrassing position five days later. Fortunately, the man was still conscious, though strongly dehydrated.

The helpers quickly arrived on the spot to take care of it before transporting it to the hospital of Epinal for additional examinations notably due to the fact that its head was not properly irrigated during these few days.


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