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For a hundred, there are 120 Rohrbach euros

The downtown merchant fears that online retailers will lose a lot of purchasing power: “All you have to do is look into the parcel post at the post office or go round in apartment buildings and you can see the parcels,” he says.

For this reason, the executive board of the city center merchants came up with something: “We are starting a coupon coin campaign for our customers.” For 100 euros you can get Rohrbach euros worth 120 euros from the Rohrbach banks. These can be redeemed in 52 stores around the city. “Do not be afraid to simply call your desired company – our warehouses are full and everyone likes to deliver. Only together can we master this difficult situation for all of us”, Gerald Laher invites you to use the campaign.

The campaign runs until the first shops are allowed to partially open.



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