For diabetics, this is the limit of sugar consumption per day

KONTAN.CO.ID – Sugar is often considered the enemy of diabetes. Then, what is the limit of sugar consumption per day for diabetics?

When diagnosed with diabetes, you may immediately be asked to pay attention to sugar intake.

Because, sugar consumption can significantly affect sugar or glucose levels in your blood.

But does that really mean you’ll never be allowed to eat sugar again? Or, is there a way to still indulge in some sugar once in a while?

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Reported from Very Well Health, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, doctors will generally recommend that you eat less sugar than the recommended amount for normal conditions.

The American Heart Association (AHA) revealed that the recommended daily limit for sugar intake is 36 grams (9 teaspoons) for adult men.

Then, as much as 24 grams (6 teaspoons) for adult women and less than 24 grams (6 teaspoons) for children aged 2 to 18 years.

Recommendations from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you will be advised to eat less sugar than the AHA recommends.

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Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) provides a grid that the daily sugar intake limit under normal conditions is 50 grams or the equivalent of 4 tablespoons.

So, in general, the limit of sugar consumption per day for diabetics in Indonesia is less than 50 grams.

By paying attention to this sugar intake limit, diabetics are believed to be able to control their blood sugar levels.

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This is clearly very meaningful for diabetics to prevent various complications of diabetes.

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