For Emmanuel Macron, the movement has "no political outlet"

Emmanuel Macron at a press conference at the Elysee Palace, May 16, 2019. – ISA HARSIN / SIPA

Emmanuel Macron spoke this Friday on the movement of
"Yellow vests". The President of the Republic has ruled that the demonstrators had "no political outlet", calling "calm" those who continue to demonstrate and inviting them to vote, or even to stand for election, six months after the start of this social protest.

"For my part, I believe that I brought answers to the French people about what led to this movement, both on December 10 and in the press conference I gave. I believe that (for) those who continue today (to demonstrate), there is no longer a political outlet. We have done our share of work, now everyone must go to vote in elections, and when he carries ideas, stand for elections, "he added, during a trip to Biarritz.

"Democracy is not played on Saturday afternoon"

"But it's much harder to come up with a" for "project than to be against everything else. "We do not advance by being against," continued the head of state. "There today I see many people who are against, so I call everyone calm. There is too much violence in our society, everyone must find the right measure (…), "he said.

"Let those who have a different vision of what the country should become, draw it politically, shape it and stand for election. But democracy is not played on Saturday afternoon, "he insisted, calling everyone to" find the course of his life, express his differences of opinion, do it freely and do it especially in the time that democracy provides, those of the vote ".

After two Saturdays marked by a decline in mobilization, fallen to its lowest levels since the beginning of the movement on November 17, the hard core of the "yellow vests" intends to demonstrate Saturday in France for six months of this unprecedented social protest, to a week of
European elections. For this act 27, "national calls" were launched to gather in Reims and Nancy.



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