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“For ten years, I was not happy at all…”

Having seen it premiered this Friday, we can confirm it: this 85-minute document will remain in the annals. Never has a queen of the Belgians confided in the way she did to our colleague, Nicolas Delvaulx. For more than two years, he was able to follow her, interview her, as well as Albert, Princess Claire, Princess Astrid, Prince Laurent but also King Philippe. It is impossible to reveal to you the entirety of this document as it is dense in confessions.

We are going to try to make you want to discover it by addressing some strong, poignant points. Because the Queen does not evade any subject. Except one.

But she speaks openly about her husband’s infidelity: “I don’t regret anything. For ten years, I wasn’t happy at all and I didn’t know where to go. »

➜ The meeting with Albert, Albert’s declaration, the marriage, the beginning of the problems, the arrival of Fabiola… She reveals everything here!

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