For the concert garden “Blow, winds!” The foundation stone has been laid in Liepāja

Liepāja City Municipality signed an agreement with the builders – SIA “Bildberg” – for the old concert garden “Pūt, vējiņi!” demolition and construction of a new stage. The contract price of the works is 2,240,494 euros with value added tax.

Lazdāne said that the new concert garden “Blow, winds!” Jūrmala Park is becoming a modern cultural space, easily accessible to locals and attractive to city guests. After the reconstruction of the concert garden and the improvement of the adjacent territory, the new stage will be able to organize outdoor events and concerts for a larger number of visitors than before, as well as provide more comfortable conditions for both artists and spectators.

In the capsule message, which was solemnly signed by the management of Liepāja City Council – Jānis Vilnītis, Chairman of Liepāja City Council, Uldis Sesks, Gunārs Ansiņš and Atis Deksnis, Deputy Chairmen of Liepāja City Council, Nauris Puntulis (NA), Minister of Culture, Jānis Uzars and SIA “Bildberg” Livland Group ‘s author’ s supervisor – architect Mikus Lejnieks, said that Liepāja can be called the capital of Latvian music.

“We have a wide, high-quality, diverse and strong offer – Liepaja has both classical and academic music, jazz, traditional, popular, experimental and other types of music. Our city has always been, is and will be an important cornerstone of Latvia’s common cultural life map, and With the rebirth of the new concert garden, we will all strengthen not only our own cultural space, Kurzeme and Latvia, but also the common cultural space of the Baltics and Europe.The new concert garden “Pūt, vējiņi!” a symbol of our belief that quality culture and art are the heartbeats of Liepāja! The life of the sun, wind power and great future for the concert garden “Blow, winds!”, Liepāja and Latvia! “was stated in the message of the capsule.

The Minister of Culture emphasized that a vision of its development is essential for the creation of a cultural place – new or renovated. “Blow wind!” is a place with an unforgettable significance in the cultural history of Latvia, with personal memories and sentiment. I wish that the concert garden would become a modern, living, pulsating magnet for many events in the future as well, “Puntulis said at the event.

Lazdāne pointed out that the future improvement of the territory will provide more convenient access to the concert garden and the beach. The fences and barriers that used to include the stage were demolished, the concert garden was integrated into the territory of Jūrmala Park and connected to the beach coastal area, as well as the squares and paths were redesigned to ensure full accessibility of the environment. The territory of the concert garden will be freely available to every visitor of Jurmala Park.

Concert garden “Blow, winds!” The reconstruction will be implemented in the cooperation project “Southern Kurzeme Coastal Heritage through the Centuries”, with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund. The total cost of the project is 6,720,257 euros, including European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding – 4,507,200 euros. The national public funding is 1,131,717 euros – the state budget grant to local governments in the amount of 209,729 euros and local government funding in the amount of 629,188 euros.

The total area of ​​the building will be 1,833 square meters (m²), the total area of ​​the plot is 22,162 m², the planned number of spectator seats is 1,441 seats, of which 706 seats in the central part, 34 seats in the central part for people with disabilities, 207 seats on the side terraces 441 seats.

According to the data of “”, the turnover of SIA “Bildberg” last year was 9,780,721 euros, profit – 260,098 euros.

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