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For the felt, the bribes returned. Look into the football underworld, the police mapped out nine jingling matches Football

PRAGUE Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The extent of the scandal is evidenced not only by the number of “clinking” duels of the 2nd and 3rd leagues, but above all by the willingness of the judges to whistle for bribes. If the accusation is confirmed in a possible court trial, it will be the largest case of Czech football in modern history.

It is also curious to find out that the referees were prepared to return the money in the event of an inefficiently manipulated match. Although the matches mainly concerned FC Slavoj Vyšehrad, detectives also caught other problematic “swords”, in which the infamous Martin Svoboda alias Chřestýš was involved.

However, the main role was played by the vice-president of the Czech Football Association Berbr and his acquaintance and head of Vyšehrad Roman Rogoz. Michal Káník and Tomáš Grímm seconded them.

The police also intervened at FK Slavoj Vyšehrad.

“In the period from at least May 2019 to the present, they participated as members of an organized criminal group focused on the continuous commission of intentional crime in order to obtain unauthorized property or non-property benefits and further disrupt the regularity and order of football competitions, which were reflected in betting companies. This criminal activity consisted mainly in influencing the results of football matches of the league competitions Fortuna: National Football Leagues and Fortuna: Czech Football Leagues, “described the police officers of the National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ) in the allegations made to Lidovky.cz.

To lose a competitor through a bribe

When SC Olympia Radotín footballers ran to the lawn against FK Dobrovice in the morning last May, they apparently had no idea that this time they had no chance of winning, even if the football god himself wished them. The opponent had an insured win by means of a backstage agreement.

For several months now, however, detectives have been watching a suspicious group of football officials who wanted to secure protection for their favorite instead of fair fights. The gang provided protection for the three-league FC Slavoj Vyšehrad. The police found out that the result of the match had been agreed the day before by the sports director of Vyšehrad, Roman Rogoz. His partner was the main judge.

“Rogoz together with Michal Káník, a person with knowledge and contacts in the football environment, on May 3, 2019 contacted football referee Tomáš Grímm with an offer to influence the match in favor of FK Dobrovice, resp. loss of competition points for SC Olympia Radotín, direct opponent of FC Slavoj Vyšehrad for promotion to Fortuna: National League, to which he was delegated by the Steering Committee for the Czech Republic as the main judge, when Tomáš Grímm did not reject this offer, “investigators described in the accusation. The money was taken. Radotín lost 1-0 after penalties.

And on the same day before the match, the vice-president of the Football Association, Roman Berbr, was involved in influencing the match. He also intervened at Grímm in favor of Radotín’s rival. However, the group was not satisfied with that either and tried to ensure the “right” result at Dobrovice.

The police intervened in several places connected with football, including the headquarters ...

The police intervened in several places connected with football, including the seat of the second league Vyšehrad.

His players were appealed that he could not be bought if there was an attempt to bribe Radotín. “At a personal meeting held on May 3, 2019 at the Orea Hotel Pyramida, Rogoz offered an exact undisclosed amount of money to Peter Lukáš, playing coach of FK Dobrovice, so that his team would not allow SC Olympia Radotín to influence the outcome of the match.” A similar modus operandi was repeated.

Financial performance and career

Already at the end of May, the group struck again. This time in the duel FK Loko Vltavín against Vyšehrad. The day before the match, the phone rang for Judge Jan Cihlář. At the other end was Berbr himself. And he offered a deal. A career shift with a whistle in exchange for a bent match.

“He told him to influence the match in favor of FC Slavoj Vyšehrad for his promised progress among the main referees in professional competitions,” the detectives described in the accusation. Berbr also warned the judge of possible resistance. “If Roman Berbr did not comply with this offer, his promotion would be canceled.”

Rogoz was also present on the scene. On the day of the match, he met with Cihlář and his assistants Zdeněk Mudra and Vladimír Pastyřík at the McDonald’s snack bar in Prague’s Zličín. He instructed them on how the match should turn out. The insured wanted to have it in other ways as well. Detectives found out that he also met with Martin Uvíra from FK Loko Vltavín. According to investigators, he promised him money. They settled a few days after the match.

Police action in Vyšehrad.
Vice-Chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FACR) Roman Berbr (in the archive image from ...

“On May 31, 2019, in the parking lot of the MOL petrol station in Strakonická Street, FK Loko Vltavín, zs handed over financial cash to Martin Uvír as a performance for actively influencing the result of the match in the amount of at least one hundred thousand crowns,” investigators described. The handover of money was to follow once again in July, this time at the Erpet sports complex in Prague. The police did not find out the exact amount.

Živanice could not win

TJ Sokol Živanice was unlucky. They hit Vyšehrad last June. Once again, Berbr and Rogoz turned to the main judge, Robert Hájek. They agreed on a common approach. According to the police, Hájek asked Rogoz to supply him with suitable judges’ assistants.

“On 15 May 2019, Berbr instructed Václav Kohout, a member of the Commission of Referees for the Czech Republic, by telephone, who scheduled the nominations for individual matches, although he was not authorized to nominate Robert Hájek as the main referee for the above match. assistant judges Lukáš Raplík and Gabriela Hanáková, “said the investigators in the indictment. And again Vyšehrad won, 1: 2.

Through an intermediary, the gang also sent a financial settlement. “In front of the main entrance to the FACR headquarters, Roman Rogoz handed over to Robert Hájek in the form of cash in the amount of at least CZK 100,000, which Robert Hájek accepted as a reward for influencing the match, on the way to Jan Hořejší, secretary of the Steering Committee for the Czech Republic. “Says the police.

Bad luck for the Litoměřice region

There has not always been a financial settlement. This was the case of the duel between Vyšehrad and FK Litoměřicko last June. Rogoz demanded that Berbr arrange for the exchange of judges for the match. The lubricated wheel spun immediately.

“Roman Berbr used his influence and dominant position in the football environment and, at the request of Roman Rogoz, ordered Václav Kohout, a member of the Referees Commission for the Czech Republic, who scheduled the nominations for individual matches, to make the required change of referees,” said detectives. Marek Janocha and assistants Tomáš Grímm and Ladislav Szikszay were to be chosen.

And help was sought in the ranks of the opponent. For the money again. Rogoz’s partner was the manager of the Litoměřice club, Martin Pýcha. According to the agreement, weaker players were to be used in the match.

“Similarly, for this purpose, Roman Pýcha and Roman Berbr contacted by phone, who arranged a personal meeting with him at the FACR headquarters,” the police say, adding that the desired result was again, 7: 1 in favor of Vyšehrad. What about a bribe? “Martin Pýcha urged by handing over the promised financial performance to Roman Rogoz, who referred him to the owner of the club, Jaroslav Klíma,” the investigators of the case state.

Motorlet loader

One of the bent matches was this year’s duel of Vyšehrad with FK Motorlet. Doping in the form of a bribe was difficult for opponents to beat. Manager Rogoz also involved environmental experts Michal Káník in the organization. His task was to ensure a “staged” match. “Based on the agreed signal, a predetermined number of goals will be scored at a precisely determined time,” the police described.

Therefore, Káník arranged a meeting with the judges at the gas station in February. But you had to choose them first. “On 17 February 2020, Rogoz telephoned Patrik Filípek, Secretary of the FACR Refereeing Commission, to nominate his pre-selected and agreed Chief Judge Tomáš Grímm and the Assistant Referees Marek Janoch and Jiří Kříž.” The judges agreed to bend the match, which was reflected in the result 8: 3.

The “rattlesnake” attacked again

Thanks to watching the group, the police also got to the well-known figure of the football half-world. And before the staged duel of FC Bohemians Prague 1905 with SK Sokol Brozany. Even here it was not about sportsmanship or physics. The game philosophy was built by Brozany on money in the March match. And to Martin Svoboda, who got the nickname Rattlesnake thanks to his scandals in the past.

According to the police, Svoboda arranged for the club to win. Judge Tomáš Grímm, his assistants Marek Janoch and Jana Štychová and delegate Pavel Moník were to help him. It wasn’t just words. The result of the match was 2: 0.

“On March 27 at the latest, Svoboda handed over to Grímm financial performance for influencing the match in an unspecified amount, which he also informed Marek Janoch and Jana Štychova by telephone on March 27, 2020, stating that they should collect their part of the performance from him. that it is a reward for influencing the match, “wrote the detectives.

Shall we not win? You won’t get it!

The catastrophic situation in the organization of football competitions is evidenced by the clash between Vyšehrad and SK Líšeň from May this year. According to the police, the corruption reached the highest levels: “Rogoz as the sports director of FC Slavoj Vyšehrad, at a meeting held at the Evžen Rošický Stadium in Prague, influenced the change of the originally nominated referees to a pre-selected chief referee through Jozef Chovanec, chairman of the FACR Refereeing Commission.”

Judges Ondřej Cieslar, Vít Melichar and Dan Vodrážka were withdrawn from the match. After the intervention, their positions were taken by Jan Cihlář and the assistant judges Pavel Vlasjuk and Petr Klupák.

But they shouldn’t just whistle. „30. On May at the Orea Hotel Pyramida, Rogoz handed them cash in the amount of CZK 150,000, which was taken over by Petr Klupák, in order to influence the result of the match in favor of FC Slavoj Vyšehrad, as All referees accepted the offer, “Described the overwhelming passage of the police.

So far, everything was running smoothly. But the result did not turn out with the victory of Vyšehrad, but with a draw. This did not go without consequences. “Given that the football match ended in a 1: 1 result, the purpose of the bribe was not fulfilled, Petr Klupák returned the cash to Roman Rogoz immediately after the match in the referees’ cabin at Evžen Rošický’s stadium in Prague,” investigators found out.

There will be no groschen without the intervention

The futile fulfillment also occurred during the June match between Vyšehrad and MFK Chrudim. The match was tuned in May at the Orea Hotel in Prague. According to detectives, Rogoz met there with referees Zdeněk Koval, Jiří Musil and Miloš Vitner. For the promise of victory, the reward was to be 170 thousand crowns. However … “The mentioned referees accepted the offer, but due to the fact that the football match ended with a result of 1: 3, the purpose of the bribe was not fulfilled, Roman Rogoz did not hand over the performance,” the police concluded.

Dividing is the basis of the game

The last to mention is the accusation between the bent matches of the duel between Vyšehrad and FK Baník Sokolov. The allegedly “clinking” judges also signed on it. Michal Káník and Rogoz were called to the service. On the day of the match for the break between halves, Rogoz went to the judges to explain to them what should appear on the scoreboard. Káník secured the money in the amount of 170 thousand crowns for that.

“Immediately after the match, which the referees influenced their performance and ended with a result of 1: 0 for FC Slavoj Vyšehrad, Rogoz handed over to the main referee Jiří Houdek at the Evžen Rošický Stadium in Prague, in the locker room for referees, performance in the form of cash in the exact amount, “It is stated in the accusation that Houdek was to split up with assistants Michal Myška and Petr Klupák and match delegate Jiří Kabyla.

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