For the first time, an astronaut will mix in space


Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano will mix Tuesday from the International Space Station.

He will become the first "DJ of space": Tuesday, Luca Parmitano will launch his set from the International Space Station, to an electro night organized on a cruise ship in Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands.

"It will be a world premiere," said French astronaut Jean-Fran├žois Clervoy, who will attend the evening, organized by a music festival organizer who sets up electro cruises. "Our goal is to bring the space closer to the general public so that they understand what the European Space Agency is doing," says Emmet Fletcher, ESA's Partnership Officer.

The set of Luca Parmitano, who will launch the evening, will last about fifteen to twenty minutes, he says. It will be broadcast live on the boat, where should be about 3000 people.

A world first

For fans or the curious, it will be possible to go on the Facebook page of the event to watch live low resolution "if all goes well," said Emmet Fletcher. A version with a better definition will be available the next day.

Luca Parmitano, 42, left the Earth on July 20 aboard a Soyuz capsule before joining the ISS for a six-month mission. He has already made his first trip to the ISS in 2013. "This kind of music is very new to him, it's more like Italian songs and rock," says Emmet Fletcher. "But he's very enthusiastic, it's very typical of Luca, he always wants to go further and do new things."

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He trained to mix with German DJ Shuuk. He has selected various pieces that will be available to the astronaut for his set. To mix, Luca Parmitano will use a tablet from the ISS which has been loaded with special DJ software. The astronaut will do this activity "in his free time, which must be perfectly clear," Emmet Fletcher points out, to avoid any criticism of the fact that this occupation could take over his time spent on scientific experiments.

"By participating in this concert, ESA is going to reach a whole community of young people, most of whom are not going to make the move to take an interest in the space themselves, so the space will reach them in Ibiza. "says Jean-Fran├žois Clervoy, recently retired from the space agency and president of Novespace, a company that operates the Airbus" Zero-G "specializes in flights recreating the conditions of weightlessness.


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