For the sake of being able to be with his son-in-law, this man killed his biological son, he has been in a dark relationship for years – A father kills his biological son and dismembers his body.

Unexpectedly the cause of the terrible tragedy in the family was because of the daughter-in-law in the house.

Many say that falling in love is not wrong at all.

However, after reading the heartbreaking story below, many people think that love may not be like that.

This heartbreaking incident occurred in Punjab, India, two years ago.

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Launching from, Wednesday (11/24/2021), in 2019, there was a case with details that surprised many people.

Today, when remembering this heartbreaking story, the people living at the scene still feel grief and shock.

In early 2019, the Indian press reported a lot about the murders found in the village of Dabri Khana, Faridkot, Punjab.

The person killed was Rajwinder Singh (40).

The culprit was Chhota Singh (62 years old) who used a sharp weapon to kill the victim while she was sleeping.

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