For these reasons, the absence of the charger and headphones from the iPhone 12 cases is not a problem for users

Apple will not provide a free charger adapter or EarPods with any upcoming iPhones, as the only free accessory you will get with the iPhone 12 is a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge and transfer data, and of course, this frustrates the hopes of iPhone buyers, while Apple defends this. The decision not to give any free gifts as an environmentally friendly measure, according to India’s TOI website.

The absence of any accessories inside the phone boxes will allow Apple to provide thinner iPhone boxes and reduce e-waste as well, and in the same context, many Android brands have stopped providing ready-made earphones by justifying that they help them offer reasonable prices, but for Apple, it looks like A bit stingy the brand can’t supply adapters and headphones inside the box after a customer paid over a thousand dollars for a new iPhone.

There have been expectations that Apple will provide a fast charger inside the box like the brands of the Android system, as some Android brands offer free fast chargers of up to 65 watts, however, this is where Apple decided to cut costs, so if the charger is not strong 5 Watt is of little use and adds to e-waste. Apple could start providing a 20-watt charger for free.

But giving up free Apple fast chargers means that people are unlikely to buy them separately by spending an extra amount on them. With the free USB-C to Lightning cable, any Type-C charger can be used to charge your iPhone. Wow, the biggest question to ask: What about the warranty? What about the warranty in the event that the iPhone battery malfunctions due to external chargers?

Without a free adapter, Apple could no longer require people to use their own accessories for a better and safer experience, and Apple had previously committed to the standard response that using third-party adapters to charge iPhones could damage the battery and could lead to battery outbreaks. fire.

Now, the question is whether there is a fire due to the use of any random Type-C adapter, can Apple look the other way? We always welcome free EarPods for new iPhone users If you already have two iPhones in your home, the free EarPods won’t do you much good.

But in some countries, where the iPhone market share is still very low, there are a lot of people who want to be new iPhone users and buy an iPhone SE, iPhone 11 or even an iPhone 12 Mini at affordable prices, and the free EarPods will definitely help them listen to Music or answering calls.

Also, there are times, when your wireless headphone battery runs out, you can simply plug in your EarPods to continue the task, and without EarPods, any new iPhone user will have to buy wireless earbuds or any other Bluetooth headphone, and fortunately, you can use any headphone or Bluetooth earphones work with your iPhone, as there are no restrictions as such that you will have to use AirPods with your iPhone.


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