For Your Excellency, Fadli Zon and Andre Rosiade, who Nyinyirin TNI – Two Gerindra Party politicians Fadli Zon and Andre Rosiade criticized this the attitude of the Jayakarta Military Region Commander Major General TNI Dudung Abdurachman who had ordered the soldiers to curb banners and billboards with the picture of Habib Rizieq Shihab from Jakarta City. According to them, this matter should be the task of the Civil Service Police Unit.

A number of groups standing on the side of the TNI responded to the Gerindra duo criticism. Among them, member of the Permadi Arya Nahdlatul Ulama Multipurpose Ansor Front.

Permadi assessed that what the TNI was doing in the context of assisting the regional government and the police to maintain order was appropriate and protected by strong legal rules.

“Make a noble member of the council Fadli Zon and Andre Rosiade who signaled the TNI drop the billboard. The task of the TNI in Law Number 34 of 2004 concerning TNI Chapter IV Article 7 paragraphs 9-10 “helps local governments and police in public order,” the TNI is in accordance with the law, “said Permadi.

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“Why don’t people’s representatives understand the law?”

In a preparedness rally, Friday (20/11/2020), the Pangdam Jaya emphasized that it was his order to control the banners and billboards with the image of Habib Rizieq installed in various places in Jakarta. He emphasized that the TNI intervened because the control carried out by Satpol PP had been underestimated.

“That’s my order, how many times the Satpol PP is lowered and raised again. So, whoever is in this Republic. This is a state with the law to obey the law. If you put billboards, it is clear that the rules for paying taxes, the place is determined. Do not be arbitrary, as if he is the most correct. , “said Dudung.

“If you put up billboards, it is clear that there are rules, there is a tax payment and a place is determined, don’t go by yourself, as if he was right, there is no such thing.”

However, Andre Rosiade remains disappointed because the TNI should not have taken care of curbing the banners and billboards.

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“The Indonesian people love the TNI. We are not willing to let the TNI down because of billboards. Billboards matters are the matter of Satpol PP. Even if there is a violation of the law, it is a matter of the police, not the TNI. The TNI is the People’s Army. Let us keep the Republic of Indonesia victorious,” he said. Andre Rosiade.

Meanwhile, Fadli Zon questioned the interests of the Pangdam Jaya, which according to Fadli Zon, was beyond its main duties and functions.

“What is the business of the Pangdam Jaya ordering the removal of billboards? It is beyond the authority and main duties and functions of the TNI. It is better not to be further dragged into politics, unless you want to revive the” dual function of ABRI “to balance” the dual function of the police, “said Fadli Zon via social media.

In addition, according to Fadli Zon, lowering billboards is not a military operation other than war.

“To the TNI Commander, at the eastern end of the Republic of Indonesia, armed OPM separatists are challenging the TNI and want to be separated from Indonesia. Why leave it alone? We want the TNI to be strong and professional to protect Indonesia from outside threats,” said Fadli Zon.

Political analyst Rustam Ibrahim highlighted Fadli Zon’s stance. According to him, Fadli Zon’s current attitude towards the TNI is considered different from his attitude during the New Order era.

As far as Rustam Ibrahim’s knowledge, Fadli Zon has never criticized the TNI during the Soeharto era.

“As far as I can remember, back in the Soeharto era the responsibility for security and public order was under the TNI. At that time, as far as I can remember, Fadli Zon never criticized him,” said Rustam Ibrahim via social media.

Rustam Ibrahim assessed Fadli Zon that he never criticized the Pangdam Jaya.

“As far as I remember, Fadli Zon used to be in the Suharto era, every time there was a disturbance of Kamtibmas in DKI, it was Pangdam Jaya who spoke and acted. And apologize if it is wrong, as I remember you were on the side of the New Order.

According to Rustam Ibrahim, when the civilian apparatus who has the authority does not dare to enforce public order, the deployment of the military apparatus to help enforce public order and security becomes legitimate.

“Because public order and security were the main goals when the people founded the state,” he said.

Social media activist Denny Siregar on the TNI side in the context of curbing banners and billboards with Habib Rizieq’s picture. According to him, the TNI was demoted because such control if carried out by Satpol PP would be underestimated.

“Why does the TNI have to bring down Rizieq’s billboards? Why not Satpol PP for DKI? Because FPI is not afraid of Satpol PP. The billboards are lowered, they raise them again. If the TNI has lowered it, what do you want? Straight down. People feel safe. Should I teach Nasdem and Fadli Zon? ” said Denny Siregar.

Dudung Abdurachman’s actions and statements at a troop rally in Jakarta, Friday (11/21/2020), triggered the pros and cons. A number of circles have criticized him for taking care of curbing banners and billboards, which should be the task of Satpol PP.

Syaifullah Tamliha, a member of Commission I DPR from the PPP faction, said that controlling banners and billboards was the task of Satpol PP.

Since the formation of Law Number 34 of 2004 concerning the Indonesian National Army, the task of the TNI is to maintain national defense. Meanwhile, the task of state security was given the authority to the Indonesian National Police, said Tamliha.

“Except for the prevention and prosecution of criminal acts of terrorism, the TNI can be asked for assistance under the term Military Operations Other Than War.”

In line with Fadli Zon, Tamliha asked the Pangdam Jaya not to act beyond his authority.

“I only hope that the Pangdam Jaya will return to its authority in defense affairs, if there are certain groups that want to act as separatism or want to separate themselves from the Republic of Indonesia. Meanwhile, security matters should be left to the National Police, while the billboards should be left to Satpol PP,” said Tamliha.

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