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Ford has officially unveiled the new Mondeo, targeting mainly China

The new generation of the popular sedan relies on the design of a sports coupe and targets mainly China.

Ford today officially unveiled a brand new Ford Mondeo at its new Chinese Design Center in Shanghai, which promises rich technological equipment and its sporty coupe-style design should unveil the carmaker’s new design language for the Chinese market.

The carmaker calls the new design style “Progressive Energy in Strength” and describes it as a philosophy developed by Ford for China, based on a rich tradition of brand design combined with an exploration of the tastes and preferences of Chinese customers. His main expressions should be “commanding,” “agile,” and “responsive.”

The design elements of the new world are also partially evident in other models designed for the Chinese market, such as the Ford Evos or Equator models. But now let’s take a look at the Ford Mondeo itself, which looks at least very interesting.

Above all, its bow with a distinctive mask and sharply cut narrow headlights, which are interestingly cut into the fenders, looks distinct and aggressive. When viewed in profile, the car looks like a stylish sedan, whose natural dominance is supported by muscularly raised fenders and distinctive body cross-sections, while the car’s recessed handles add to the modernity.

However, the rear line of the roof, which is gradually sloping, is especially noteworthy, creating a popular image of the four-door coupe. However, it is clear from the pictures published so far that the trunk lid is not connected to the glass, so it should really be a classic sedan.

The sterns are then dominated by distinctive LED rear lights, connected by a light line across the lid, whose light design with three elongated segments on either side was probably inspired by the Mustang. The sportiness of the model is underlined by the diffuser and there are also decorative chrome tailpipes, which are not associated with the real exhaust.

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Unfortunately, the carmaker has not yet offered a view of the cabin or information about the equipment under the hood. However, the designation “245” on the presented piece suggests that a 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 180 kW (245 hp) could be hidden under the hood, which would be suitable for the car’s sporty character. The eight-speed automatic transmission should then take care of the torque transmission, only the front wheels should be driven.

The new Mondeo should be manufactured at Changan Ford’s Chinese plant, and the first Chinese customers should see their cars as early as 2022. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether the new Ford Mondeo will enter international markets or only be a matter for the Chinese market. The European Ford Mondeo should end this year, while its American sibling Ford Fusion has already finished.


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