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Ford Mustang: still the best-selling sports car world

The Ford Mustang is still the best selling sport in the world, for the third year in a row. The GT version with its 5.0 liter V8 is the most requested configuration.

If you are asked the sportswoman you dream of owning a day, would your answer be the Ford Mustang ? It would not be really surprising, since the pony-car is for the third year in a row the sports coupe the most sold around the world . In 2017, indeed, the manufacturer has marketed 125,809 copies in all its markets, including 13,100 in Europe. It’s better than Porsche, which sold on the same period four times less 911 .

If the biggest market is obviously the United States, with 81,866 units sold , Europe is also very fond of the American. At the top of the ranking, Germany, with 5,742 copies, followed by the United Kingdom (2,211 ex) and France (942 ex). In China, the Mustang was also last year the best-selling coupe, this time 7.125 registrations .

Big success for the V8

If we could believe that this is the version EcoBoost that allows the Mustang to seduce on the Old Continent, the figures revealed by Ford prove yet the opposite. It is indeed the GT, with the V8 5.0 liters which has met with the most success, even if the mark did not communicate on the exact number of copies sold. A new rather unexpected, especially when we know that the penalty is currently € 10,500 due to 270 g / km of CO2 rejected, which could cool many enthusiasts.

In order to maintain sales of the pony-car, Ford launched a version recently Bullitt , celebrating the 50th anniversary of the eponymous film starring Steve McQueen. This declination, reserved for the American clientele, takes the original V8 5.0 liter, pushed to 475 horses and associated with a six-speed manual transmission. It is distinguished in particular by a livery « Dark Highland Green »Exclusive referring to the original of 1968 while the interior is adorned with black upholstery and green stitching.

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