Foreign media said that if the Hong Kong government enacts a “reverse bottom” law, Facebook, Twitter, and Google will withdraw from Hong Kong | TechNews科技新报

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s parent company Alphabet warned that if the Hong Kong government insists on implementing amendments to the privacy regulations, Hong Kong services may be suspended.

It is reported that the Asian Internet Coalition (Asia Internet Coalition) letter stated that it is concerned about the impact of Hong Kong’s revision of the privacy regulations, which may lead to criminal liability for employees. The revised privacy regulations are set up for online “removal” behavior. The government is particularly concerned about police officers being “rejected” and targeted on the Internet after 2019. If the crime is convicted, the maximum penalty can reach 1 million Hong Kong dollars and imprisonment for 5 years.

The letter also pointed out that “to avoid these sanctions from affecting technology companies, they can only withdraw from Hong Kong and no longer provide services.” (The only way to avoid these sanctions for technology companies would be to refrain from investing and offering the services in Hong Kong)

The Managing Director of the Asian Internet Alliance (Managing Director) Jeff Paine said that although the members of the alliance oppose the “bottom” behavior, the very vague words make it easier for employees to get involved in penalties. He said that the amendments to the regulations may tighten freedom of speech, and innocent acts of sharing information online (Innocent acts of sharing information online) may also lead to criminal liability.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Personal Data Privacy Commissioner responded to the letter received. She said that the new amendment is necessary to combat the “start” and that this amendment will not affect freedom of speech. The law clearly stipulates the boundaries of crimes.

Facebook, Twitter and Google declined to respond. The above-mentioned companies did not disclose the number of employees in Hong Kong, but it is estimated that there are at least 100.

(This article is reprinted with permission from Unwire HK; the source of the first image: Flickr/Stock Catalog CC BY 2.0)

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