Former governor Čunek surprised the new Zlín leadership. It could lose millions

Two and forty million crowns – a bundle of money that the regional treasury lost just a few days after the election. The incumbent governor thus really angered the future leadership of the region.

“We expected that Mr. Čunek would leave these things to the new council, we perceive it very negatively,” said Hana Ančincová (Pirates), the candidate for the First Deputy Governor of the Zlín Region.

But the governor defends his unexpected signature for many. “From a business point of view, having the whole plot of land is, of course, an advantage for the region,” claims the outgoing governor Čunek. The region already owned part of the land. Now he bought the rest.

“We want to call on the current management and the current governor and ask him not to sign any contracts related to the new hospital project,” asked Radim Holiš (ANO), the candidate for governor of Zlín.

“If I did not sign the contracts, I would cause a clearly quantifiable loss to the region. There would certainly be a good man who would like me to compensate for the loss,” defends the incumbent governor.

The intended construction of a new regional hospital divided the inhabitants of East Moravia and politicians. The coalition was formed by parties that oppose its construction. YES, Pirates, Civic and Social Democrats are thinking about how to grind the project. It will not be easy.

“There are quite large sanctions for not building the hospital when it comes to building the land. So we will be the first to audit,” Ančincová informs.

“The decision was made by the council, the governor does not decide, the governor is only obliged to attach a signature,” Čunek pointed out.

“It is his responsibility and even with the arrival of the new leadership, he does not relinquish this responsibility in any way,” said the candidate for governor of the Zlín Region, Radim Holiš (YES).

The Olomouc Region will soon have a new coalition. But the winning YES will end up in opposition there. “Of course, we would like to sign the coalition agreement as soon as possible, ideally next week,” says Olomouc leader STAN Josef Suchánek. It has not yet been decided only in the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions.


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