Former Pro Juventute members create new organization –

Following their departure from Pro Juventute, ten regional associations now grouped into a new organization presented their new structure on Friday. “Swiss Aid for Youth and Families” (ASJF) relies on local actions.

“We wanted to create something on the basis of the federalist system,” said Yannick Boillod, member of the ASJF committee, at 12:30 pm. The young organization wants to make local issues its priority.

The organization intends to continue the actions carried out so far by the regional associations of Pro Juventute. For example, she wants to continue to financially support families by selling local products in particular, said Yannick Boillod.

To do this, the organization relies on the experience of ten member associations active for over 100 years in the field. In the medium term, the association also wishes to be present at the national level. “Our strategy is to continue to propose projects, such as in the field of awareness and prevention”, he announced.

Restructuring involved

Pro Juventute is delighted with the creation of the ASJF. “We expected this scenario and are happy that our former associations can pursue their goal,” said Lulzana Musliu, communications manager of Pro Juventute.

On November 13, the ten institutions grouped together within ASJF announced their departure from Pro Juventute due to its reorganization.

“There has been a strategic change on the part of the Pro Juventute foundation. We asked if we could continue this essential aid to these families who need it and unfortunately the foundation could not guarantee the maintenance of local actions. continue the story with a new name “, explained Yannick Boillod.

Five regional offices

The aim of the reorganization is precisely to strengthen the impact of Pro Juventute in the regions, reacted Lulzana Musliu. The foundation has delegated part of its activities to five regional offices, including one for French-speaking Switzerland, in Lausanne. It proposed to its cantonal associations to continue their activities within these offices or to become independent.

Following their departure from Pro Juventute, the member associations of ASJF have changed their names. In French-speaking Switzerland, Pro Juventute Arc jurassien becomes Pro Junior Arc jurassien and Pro Juventute Friborg becomes Pro Junior Friborg. Pro Juventute Geneva will be called 022 families in the future.

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