Former Rays prospect sentenced to life in prison

A former prospect of the Rays de Tampa, Brando Martin, was sentenced to life imprisonment in a United States court, saying goodbye to his life in the MLB.

The reason why he was imprisoned for the rest of his life was because he murdered his own father through an argument at his home, adding a brother of his father and a service technician who were at the scene.

For days they had been having visits to the court to see if they sentenced him to death, however, the former prospect of the MLB managed to evade that and preferred to spend the rest of his life imprisoned with life imprisonment.

Here the report:

Martin 27-year-old played in the minor league system with the Rays of Tampa Bay from 2011 to 2013, where he saw action in 155 games, 262 at-bats, 52 hits, 29 runs scored, 7 home runs and 39 RBIs with 15 stolen bases, standing out as a star in shortstop and heading to the Major Leagues of the MLB.

It should be noted that this is not the first prospect of the Rays who gets lost in the streets or through illegal acts, we also have to mention Matt Bush, who spent a lot of time in jail and then returned to the Major Leagues, but today he is not in the best baseball in the world, that is, MLB.

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