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Former Rugby World Cup winner, Naka Drotske, "about to die" after surviving triple shooting

Naka Drotske, winner of the Rugby World Cup, is on the verge of "dying" after a massive relapse after surviving a triple shootout less than a fortnight ago.

Former Springbok hooker was wounded three times in the chest, abdomen and arm when three masked men stormed his brother's home during a barbecue last month.

The heroic 47-year-old Drotske got up and Rugby attacked the masked raiders to protect his brother Tinus and the children of Tinus and former South African teammate Os du Randt.

Although he managed to save everyone in the house, he was shot three times close up and was rushed to hospital by Os du Rant in a burst of grace that saved him the life.

The crazy rugby nation prayed for the rugby legend's life and miraculously got out of it and after two operations he was allowed to go home last week.

But today, his brother Tinus Drotske and his cousin Steven Drotske wrote on their Facebook pages that the state of Naka had deteriorated to become "critical" and that he had been transported in the hospital.

Tinus wrote: "Please, pray for Naka Drotske, he is fighting to stay alive, in critical condition, in ICS. I truly believe that our heavenly father has bigger plans for him and his future. "

Two men were questioned as part of the shooting, but no arrests were made following the attempted armed robbery in which Naka was struck down at close range.

He lost nearly a third of his blood after last month's attack by three masked men in his brother's farm near Pretoria, after putting his body in danger to save others.

According to News24, the suspects stormed hoods and fired tear gas at people inside the house, but Naka jumped into action and attacked the three armed men alone.

He was hit by three 9mm bullets before the robbers fled, but no one else was hurt.

The former pillar of the 46-year-old Os du Randt, who was part of the Springbok team with Naka who won the Rugby World Cup in 1995, dropped a car on the road.

Randt (right) reported a car after Drotske's shot (left)
Head Coach Naka Drotske with Assistant Coach Randt Os

He drove his close friend to the hospital and Naka underwent surgery that saved his life. The next day he was operated on the arm to remove broken bone fragments.

It was thought that he would survive after the doctors quickly declared his condition "stable" and that his family had posted a photo of him on Facebook, thus giving the hospital the go ahead.

Just two days ago, Drotskes relieved his wife, Marzanne, of telling Netwerk 24 that her husband was recovering "in a fantastic way" and was "happy and relieved to be back home".

She said, "Our Rocky dog ​​does not leave his dad alone for a moment."

Drotske (left) played 26 times for Springboks

Marzanne's wife revealed that she had been crying when last week her husband had been allowed to leave the Montana Hospital in Pretoria to return to the family home in Bloemfonteim.

She said, "The staff became like a family for me."

Marzanne was taking care of Naka at home with the help of her doctor, Johan van Beljon, who was providing 24-hour assistance, but her health condition had apparently worsened overnight. .

Tinus congratulated his brother at the time of the shooting for saving the life of his partner Nadia Jooste and their three children aged 7, 11 and 13 years, and his life and that of Os du Randt.

South Africa has a high rate of violent crime with more than 20,000 murders a year and sports figures have sometimes been victims.

The front-line striker also had a spell with London Irish

Hannes Strydom, another winner of the 95 Rugby World Cup, was stabbed and fractured his skull after six men attempted to hijack his car in Pretoria in 2014.

The former Springbok flanker, Solly Tybilika, was killed in what the police described as a random shootout at a Cape Town bar in 2011.

The captain and goalkeeper of the South African National Football Team, Senzo Meyiwa, was shot and killed during a robbery in the suburbs of Johannesburg in 2014.

Drotske participated in 26 tests with the Boks and was a member of the Rugby World Cup winning team that won the trophy in front of Nelson Mandela in 1995.

He played rugby for the Blue Bulls, then at the Free State Cheetah's and had a spell for London Irish during a career in which he played for his country for six years.

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