Former Saudi Arabian spy claims Crown Prince MBS sent “50 hitmen”

OTTAWA, – ex spy Saudi Arabia claim, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ( MBS) sending a squad of “50 payment killer“to kill him.

In his claim, Dr Saad Aljabri admitted that the successor to the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent him threats a few days after Jamal Khashoggi killed.

Aljabri said Prince MBS was trying to bring him back to Saudi Arabia, and was using “all the resources he had”.

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He also revealed that he received a threatening message on WhatsApp, which said “accept any action that will hurt you”.

Because of this, he later filed a report in the US, claiming that Crown Prince The 34 year old sent a hit man to get rid of him.

In his claim, Aljabri said that a “group of mercenaries” called “Tiger Troops” had arrived in Canada, where they had been displaced since 2017.

Reported Daily Mirror Friday (7/8/2020), the former spy said they were armed with “two bags containing forensic equipment”.

In its report, the group consists of 50 people, including experts who are skilled in cleaning up evidence at the scene.

The court report said Dr Aljabri’s two children had been detained by Saudi authorities in their attempt to repatriate the former secret agent.

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Dr Aljabri revealed that he was a target for Riyadh, including his family being arrested in Dubai, because he had information that posed a threat to MBS.

The former intelligence chief is a high-ranking cabinet official under Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who was ousted by MBS in 2017.

In his 100-page suit, Dr Aljabri claimed he was cornered because he thought his position could threaten the crown prince with the US.

He reportedly provided information regarding MBS’s involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2018.

Khashoggi’s body is still unknown. Even so, Riyadh has sentenced five people who are considered the main perpetrators to death.

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UN investigators have found the verdict “insulting and trivializing” the law, with the crown prince denying involvement.

The “Tiger Squad” sent to kill Algiers tracked him down on a cell phone. However, Aljabri explained that the would-be killer turned right back from Canada.

The reason is after the “Mapple” State authorities found a photo of them together, when they tried to argue, they came alone.

US House of Representatives member Tom Malinowski, who is a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, stated that all the accusations in the report are credible.

He explained that if someone tried to send a message called a threat to others, then he would certainly be serious about what he said.

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While former intelligence officials told CNN explained, since 2017 the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been trying to bring home Saad Aljabri.

“But because his efforts failed, they intend to go to him directly and harm him,” said the former official, who was not identified.

The oil-rich kingdom had previously tried to arrest Algiers through Interpol’s help, so that he could be sent back to Saudi Arabia.

In addition, they are also trying to persuade Canada to be willing to extradite the former spy, so that they can “deal with it.”

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