Former socialist ministers protest Raphael Glucksmann's remarks about François Mitterrand and Rwanda


According to the founder of Place Publique, the former President of the Republic was allegedly "complicit in the genocide in Rwanda" perpetrated by Hutus.

Jack Lang, Michel Charasse, Elisabeth Guigou, Edith Cresson or Roland Dumas … Twenty-three former socialist ministers call on the PS to complain about the speech about Francis Mitterrand and the Rwandan genocide pronounced by Raphael Glucksmann, head of the socialist list Public Place for Europeans. Bernard Cazeneuve, who recently supported the candidate and will attend one of its meetings Thursday in Lyon, is also a signatory. This letter dated May 9, addressed to the First Secretary Olivier Faure, is revealed by The chained Duckthen Le Figaro and AFP.

The former ministers are disturbed by two statements by Raphael Glucksmann. The first was reported in January: "François Mitterrand has carried the most radical and the most abject French policy in Rwanda". The second, April 6, would have been said on the sidelines of its meeting in Toulouse. The former president would have been, according to the founder of Place Publique, "accomplice of the genocide in Rwanda" perpetrated by Hutus and killed about 800,000 Tutsis between April and July 1994.

"How can we make such a judgment, when France was (…) the only country, at the green light given by the UN, to carry out a humanitarian operation in 1994, during the genocide, to save lives? lives, while the whole world remained indifferent? "write the ex-ministers.

French politics in Rwanda "can be criticized" but "Nothing, absolutely nothing, can justify accusations of 'complicity in genocide' relayed by Mr Glucksmann, while he is speaking today on behalf of the Socialists"continues the courier. Its signatories ask Olivier Faure "to convince Raphael Glucksmann to withdraw his insults and unfounded accusations against François Mitterrand", and "in case of refusal" that he "find the appropriate forms to disavow his words. "

The entourage of Raphael Glucksmann has not yet responded to AFP's requests. Asked about these remarks during a Radio J broadcast on May 5, the candidate did not deny them, stating: "France armed, supported financially and politically the genocidaires" while "François Mitterrand was President of the Republic". "I subscribe to François Mitterrand's steps on the European construction, the death penalty, the social measures of 1981, not in the African policy of France"he added.

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