Former student captain Nacho Azofra, admitted with pneumonia

l former student playerNacho Azofra, the one who has worn the most college shirt in all history, was admitted this Friday to the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid with pneumonia, as confirmed by the Madrid club.

The entity of theRamiro de MaeztuHe sent “encouragement” to the legendary former student player, a student historian, who enjoyed two stages with the schoolboys (1989-93 and 1995-06), being double champion of the Copa del Rey in the years 1992 and 2000.

Azofra, 50, is unknown if she has a coronavirus, but she is “stable” despite hospital admission. The former student base is the fourth player with the most games in the history of theACB Leagueand the second with more assists. With Spain he played 39 international matches.


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