Former Trump advisor Gary Cohn signs on with L.A.-area blockchain start-up


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Go to the Trump administration. The former official was a tax-cut plan, but resigned on aluminum and steel.

Cohn joins a board of advisors, and sheila Bair, former Federal Deposit Insurance Corp .; Nigel Morris, co-founder and former president of Capital One bank; and Bobby Mehta.

Their association gives rise to the risk of cryptocurrency toolsings. Last year, JP Morgan

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Spring Labs, which raised $ 14.8 million in funding, help t By sharing that data on the banks. 148 million Equifax customers affected in 2017.

“I have been very interested in the financial services sector, among others,”. “I am excited to be a business and network.”

No amount of equity undisclosed payment in Spring Labs. Adam Jiwan, Spring Labs ’chief executive ors of of of of

“Gary brings the imprimatur of belief and validation,” Jiwan said. “It doesn’t mean we can see the best people we can.”

Spring Labs was founded in 2017 by Jiwan, Anna Fridman and John Sun, who are also founders of Avant, the online lender that originated nearly $ 5 billion in loans and capitalist Peter Thiel from the investor. Spring Labs also has the office in Chicago.

John hello by a friend at investment bank Goldman Sachs. Jiwan made his pitch for rising risk in the U.S. financial crisis. Hello he wanted his help navigating the financial industry with all its regulations.

“We thought Gary,” Jiwan said. “This network.”

Cohn not be reached for comment.

Jiwan said Spring Labs, which has 20 employees, has made it more. The company will determine the customers in the coming months, he said.

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Former Goldman Sachs investment manager in 2017 called BlockTower Capital. And Blythe Masters, a former JP Morgan financial asset firm Asset Holdings.

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