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Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall leaves the party after Tommy Robinson's post

Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall resigned from the party to protest leader Gerard Batten, making Tommy Robinson a councilor.

Nuttall, who was a Ukip MEP, became the last figure to give up this nomination, alongside the Scottish leader and MEP David Coburn, who also announced that he was separating from the party. morning.

Tuesday, Nigel Farage left the party that he co-founded in a sensational way.

Farage criticized his successor's "obsession" with the convicted criminal and founder of the English Defense League, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Batten was criticized for his association with Robinson – including making the EDL party's founder a councilor for gang and prison training, sparking fury among UKIP moderates.

In a statement, Mr. Nuttall, Member of the North West European Parliament of England, said: "After a lot of thought over the past week, I concluded that I had to do it today. I have resigned from my position as a member of Ukip, an immense amount of reluctance and regret because I have been working tirelessly for the party for fourteen years.

"I'm resigning because the party is going in a direction that, in my opinion, is hurting Brexit." The association with Tommy Robinson will simply attract many moderate Brexit voters and inevitably hurt the cause.

"Tommy Robinson's question should have been filed and discussed in the party after Brexit, in accordance with the wise decision made by the National Executive Committee last month." Party leaders and my colleagues in Parliament were informed of my point on this issue for some time.

"Putting Tommy Robinson in the forefront, while the Brexit is about to be betrayed, is, in my opinion, a catastrophic mistake." Confusing Brexit and Robinson at this crucial moment, "is not it? is putting the Eurosceptic cause at risk and I can not and will not be part of it.

"I will continue serving northwestern England to the European Parliament until the end of my term."

In announcing his decision to quit, Farage said: "Mr. Batten's obsession with Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (to use the real name of Tommy Robinson) and his fixation on the issue of Islam make Ukip unrecognizable for a lot of us.

"Although Robinson can appeal to some members of society who feel deprived of their rights, I think it's totally inappropriate to be part of a political party.

"The fact is that his entourage includes violent criminals and former members of the BNP." Many Ukip members – including Ukip's NEC – insisted that Robinson not become a counselor. Unfortunately, these calls fell in the ear of a deaf person.

Senior officials Patrick O'Flynn and Suzanne Evans resigned last week.

Ukip said last Sunday that the NEC voted "overwhelmingly" against a no-confidence motion against Batten's leadership.

But a statement also said that the party "does not approve the appointment of Tommy Robinson in an advisory role".

He added: "He is not a member of Ukip and, through his associations, he is forbidden to join Ukip."

Mr. Batten had previously defended his decision to give Mr. Robinson an advisory role on gangs of rape and prison reform, describing the founder of the English Defense League as "brave".

He denied pushing Ukip to the extreme or opening his doors to racists, and told the BBC that Mr. Robinson would help turn his party into a "mass movement … a party for ordinary people ".

Robinson is expected to occupy an important place in the Brexit march on Sunday, two days before the House of Commons vote on the UK's withdrawal agreement with the EU.

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