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Formula 1 | The return of gravel traps to Spa, a decision hailed by Sainz

Carlos Sainz has recently made it clear his desire to see more gravel on the Formula 1 circuits in the future.

Over the past decade, F1 has moved from gravel pits to major asphalt clearance areas, including on traditional circuits. Solutions that do not punish a driver enough for a mistake, also leading to the abuse of track limits, a recurring topic of discussion every weekend.

So when Spa Francorchamps recently announced that it will be returning to gravel in a number of corners (including Eau Rouge) in an effort to attract MotoGP, the Spaniard was obviously happy.

“Welcome back to gravel, and let’s pray for more gravel in the future … and grass,” comments the McLaren driver.

“This is exactly what we all need to make the circuits beautiful and spectacular again.”

The cost of the Spa renovation, however, surprised Sainz, adding: “I didn’t know gravel cost 80 million euros! I hope something else happens in Spa and they don’t waste 80 million euros on gravel but welcome back to gravel. Let’s continue to pray so that there are returns elsewhere. “

F1 race director Michael Masi had previously replied that the surfaces used for the clearances are adapted to each circumstance. And its position does not change after the announcement of the changes that will be made at Spa, in particular to be able to accommodate the motorcycles (managed by the FIM).

“Like I said before, turn by turn, lap by lap, and if gravel or grass works in a particular circumstance, we can have it, absolutely. If it doesn’t work, we have to look at it, with the FIA ​​in conjunction with the FIM, in this perspective. We will therefore continue to examine things circuit by circuit, turn by turn, to have the best solutions. “

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