Formula 1: Vettel goes crazy! Disqualification for …

As if the Corona crisis wasn’t already causing them enough trouble, Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari are threatened formula 1 now the big noise.

The “Ferrari Gate” affair is taking place in the formula 1 again really drive on. Seven teams make serious accusations against Ferrari and the world association FIA.

Formula 1: are Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel now disqualified?

The cause of the anger is not only the engine, but also the subsequent FIA investigation because of the suspected fraud. The association had agreed to a comparison with Ferrari because the offense was not fully detectable – but had done so in secret and had not yet announced the punishment.

Because FIA ​​President Jean Todt was the long-time Ferrari team boss and his son Nicolas is the manager of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, even accusations of deferral against the world motorsport association are now being made.

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Racing teams demand answers, team bosses attack FIA sharply

In a secret letter, the racing teams are asking the FIA ​​to comment, the FIA ​​President Jean Todt and Formula 1 boss Chase Carey are asking questions and even mentioning a deadline for the required answers.

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In addition, senior (ex) officials publicly attack the FIA ​​with harsh words:

  • Toto Wolff (Mercedes Sport Director): “The whole thing is a huge mess. It’s not okay what Ferrari did, but still less how the FIA ​​treats it. All other teams are upset. “
  • Helmut Marko (Red Bull Team Principal): “The FIA ​​threatens to discredit a sport in which we invest three-digit millions a year. You can no longer be offered that. “
  • Bernie Ecclestone (ex-FIA president): “The teams have to sue the FIA. It’s about millions that I think they deserve. ”

But it could not stay with millions of lawsuits. Many racing teams are in favor of a subsequent disqualification of Ferrari for the entire 2019 season. The vice world championship in the constructors’ classification as well as all driver results by Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc could be canceled.


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It would be another high point of the Scuderia disasters in recent months. For the 2020 season in Formula 1, Team Principal Mattia Binotto doesn’t do much to begin with anyway: “I’m not nearly as confident as I was before last season. We are very worried. Because the others are significantly faster than we are. And we are not as fast as we would like to be. “

Binotto’s only hope: “The season is very long. There are 22 races. We have a lot of time to fight back. ”Sebastian Vettel’s last season at Ferrari (contract expires) could not start any worse.

When does the season start?

The question that Formula 1 fans are also concerned with: When does this season start? It should have started in Australia on March 15th. However, because of the corona virus, the first four races in Australia, Vietnam, Bahrain and China will initially be canceled. They should be made up for later. The current season would start on May 3rd, when the premier class is visiting the Netherlands.

Ferrari with technical problems

As in the previous year, Ferrari had massive technical problems at the beginning of this year. In the first tests in Barcelona, ​​Ferrari was miles behind the competition, at Vettel there was even an engine failure.

Ferrari disappointing for years

The Scuderia has been miles behind the competition for years. Last season, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc watched Mercedes drive from one victory to the next. Ferrari won the last world title in 2008 with Kimi Raikkonen.


This is Sebastian Vettel:

  • Born on July 3, 1987 in Heppenheim.
  • Vettel’s home kart track was the Erftlandring. Michael Schumacher had already made his first attempts at walking in motorsport there.
  • In 2007 Vettel made the jump to Formula 1, where he started for BMW Sauber and Toro Rosso.
  • His move to Red Bull followed in 2009, where he celebrated four World Cup titles in a row from 2010 to 2013.
  • Vettel switched to Ferrari in 2015. With the Scuderia, however, he has so far been denied the big hit.


Ferrari plants close

Due to the spread of the corona virus, the Ferrari plants in Italy were closed. This means that working on the car is no longer possible.

In the World Cup, this means a clear disadvantage for the Scuderia Ferrari. The measure is valid until March 27th.

Brawn with a crazy suggestion

In order to counteract the postponement of the start of the season by the corona virus, F1 boss Ross Brawn wants to cancel the summer break in August.

He also suggests so-called “triple headers” in which three races are to take place in three weeks.


The racing teams and their pilots 2020:

  • Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas
  • Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc
  • Renault: Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon *
  • Red Bull: Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon
  • Alfa Romeo: Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi
  • Alpha Tauri (previously Toro Rosso): Pierre Gasly, Daniil Kwjat
  • Williams: George Russell, Nicholas Latifi *
  • Haas: Kevin Magnussen, Romain Grosjean
  • McLaren: Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz

* = Debutant


Contracts expire

If the Corona crisis persists, Formula 1 could face a contractual problem. Many drivers’ contracts expire on December 31, including Lewis Hamitlon’s and Sebastian Vettel’s. If the season had not ended by then, the drivers would in principle no longer be entitled to climb in their racing cars.

Either way, the racing teams will get together with their pilots for negotiations in a timely manner. A Ferrari out for Sebastian Vettel is not an unthinkable scenario. There are already wild rumors, even about a spectacular change to competitor Mercedes. They were fired by Vettel himself. Find out more here >>

Vettel smashes rumor of career end

The rumor persisted that Vettel could even end his Formula 1 career entirely if he had a Ferrari out. The 32-year-old recently categorically ruled that out: “I have no plans to step down in the foreseeable future, I really enjoy racing.”

Corona virus case at tire manufacturers

Pirelli has had a positive coronavirus case. An employee of the tire manufacturer is infected. This became known on Monday.

The employee of the Formula 1 outfitter is said to have been on site at the canceled Grand Prix in Melbourne.


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Brawn with crazy proposal for new season

Can Formula 1 pull through its season after the Corona crisis has been overcome? Almost impossible, after all the calendar for this year had even been increased to 22 races. Despite the confusing situation, Formula 1 manager Ross Brawn is still “pretty optimistic that we can complete about 17 or 18 races on the calendar.”

His suggestion: The summer break in August should be canceled, and “triple headers” are also conceivable – three races on three consecutive Sundays. Read more here >>

Chase Carey apologizes to the fans

In an open letter, Formula 1 boss Chase Carey addressed the fans and apologized for the sudden postponement of the start of the season: “We would like to apologize to the fans affected by the cancellation in Australia and the postponements of the other races are. […] We know that everyone wants to know what will happen to Formula 1 2020. Due to the fluctuating situation, we cannot give precise answers today. Nevertheless, we plan to continue with the 2020 championship as soon as it is safe. “

Sebastian Vettel to Renault?

Does Sebastian Vettel switch to Renault after the season? Corresponding rumors are emerging because a farewell to Daniel Ricciardo is imminent and the aspiring racing team may already be looking for star alternatives. “I don’t want to say no because he is a great driver,” says team principal Cyril Abiteboul to “”. “Actually, I prefer to work with drivers of tomorrow than with drivers from yesterday.” Hard words!

Erftlandring remains intact

One of the few positive news for Sebastian Vettel this year: the Erftlandring will remain! The go-kart track on which the 32-year-old was discovered, like the Hambacher Forst, does not have to give way to the RWE open-cast mine.

Kerpen kart track is sports history

The Erftlandring in Kerpen is part of German sports history. Michael Schumacher was also discovered there before Sebastian Vettel. After the Rhinelander had made his first laps there, the meteoric ascent to racing Olympus began.

Ralf Schumacher also discovered at Erftlandring

Schumi brother Ralf also knows the curves of the Kerpen go-kart track inside out. The racetrack has thus produced three pilots of the highest racing class in the world. More about saving the Erftlandring you can find out here >>

Vettel to Red Bull?

Many fans wonder whether Sebastian Vettel will return to Red Bull after his contract with Ferrari expires. There he had won four World Cup titles in series from 2010 to 2013.

Red Bull with a clear demeanor

With Red Bull you can not imagine a return campaign. The people in charge emphasized time and time again that Vettel would break the salary structure.

Vettel strikes back at Ferrari?

A scenario that many Formula 1 fans can hardly imagine right now would be an extension of Vettel’s contract with Ferrari. The German would have to convince in the coming season and possibly leave his teammate Charles Leclerc behind.

Leclerc convinced in 2019

Leclerc, who was one of the shooting stars of the previous year alongside Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, was convincing in 2019. In the overall standings, Monegasse left his colleague Vettel behind and finished fourth. The consequence: Ferrari is going into the races this season without a clear number 1.

Ferrari closes plants in Italy

The Ferrari racing team is suffering from the corona virus crisis. The automaker must close its two plants in Maranello and Modena in its home country of Italy. The work is suspended for two weeks.

This means that the Scuderia Ferrari cannot work on the new SF1000 either.

Next race canceled

After the first four races in Formula 1 had to be canceled, the next three Grand Prix have also been postponed.

The races in Zandvoort (Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain) and Monaco will not take place as planned in May. In June it should finally start in Azerbaijan.

Bundesliga threatens to be completely eliminated in 2020 – will Formula 1 follow suit?

Some virologists are convinced that not a single game can be played in the Bundesliga this year. It was only in early 2020 that one could think about letting the ball roll again. If the football break actually continues until the end of the year: with what authorization should Formula 1 start again?

What happens to Vettel?

If the 2020 season actually falls into the water, the question arises: what happens to Sebastian Vettel? Heppenheimer’s contract expires in December. Would he then renew at Ferrari? Or will Vettel start with another team next year?

What’s next for Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton is in a similar situation. His working paper at Mercedes also ends in December. Recently rumors have been spread over and over that he could switch to Ferrari.

Could the little ones survive?

In the event of a complete failure of the season, the question would arise especially for the small racing teams: could they compensate for the missed income? One or the other team could then face the end.

Even the big ones face problems

Even the big racing teams will not be able to cope with a season breakdown so easily. If no race was actually held this year, Formula 1 would face the biggest problem in its history.

Rule revolution postponed

Formula 1 would have gone through a major regulatory revolution in 2021. A new set of rules should make the premier class more balanced and exciting. Because of the Corona crisis, the rule revolution is now postponed to 2022.

That’s what the rule revolution is about

The new rules are primarily about standardizing the material. As a result, the larger racing teams no longer have the gigantic lead of previous years. This leads to more exciting races and more balanced seasons, Formula 1 believes.


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