Saturday, 20 Oct 2018

Fortnite Guide: Battle Royale – Battle Pass: Week 9 – The map of Moisty Mire

A new week begins for the Weekly Challenges and shows you how to accomplish the toughest in order to quickly raise the levels of your Battle Royale Combat Pass by Fortnite .

“On the rooftop, keep up the pace! ”

In the context of new weekly challenges , the Battle Pass of season 3 propose to quickly rise your level by completing various and varied objectives , like doing so much damage with a particular weapon or raise X allies.

Targets are added every Thursday and focus on as soon as they go online let’s quickly climb the bearings of the Battle Pass. In this context, some of these challenges are more original and pretty wadding seal .

The challenges of the ninth week

Follow the treasure map found at Moisty Mire

This week is a treasure map to find that must be followed. Meet at Moisty Mire to find it.

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