Four dead on first day of civil disobedience movement in Sudan


In less than a week, the violent crackdown on protests has claimed the lives of 118 people since 3 June.

Four people died Sunday in the first day of a national movement of "civil disobedience" launched by the leaders of Sudan's protest against the ruling generals, doctors close to the protesters said.

Two of the four dead were shot dead in Khartoum and the nearby town of Omdurman, while the other two were "beaten and stabbed" and died in a hospital in Omdurman, said the committee of doctors in the same town. separate communiqués. These people were victims of the "Transitional Military Council" and its "militias", accused the same source.

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The total toll of victims since the outbreak of a violent repression on June 3 – marked by the dispersal that day of the sit-in of Khartoum – is 118 dead, added this committee of doctors.

Suspension of the talks

The civil disobedience movement was launched Saturday by the leaders of the protest. "True (civil) disobedience will begin from Sunday and will not end until a civilian government has been announced," said the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), a major protester in a statement.

Following the dismissal of President Omar al-Bashir by the army on April 11, thousands of protesters refused to lift the camp, demanding a transfer of power to civilians, until their brutal dispersal on June 3. The movement was born on December 19 after the government's decision to triple the price of bread.

The talks have been suspended since May 20, as the two sides failed to reach an agreement on the presidency and the composition of the Sovereign Council to handle the three-year transition period.


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