Four gallons of liquid cocaine seized at Las Americas airport

Agents from the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) seized four gallons of a chemical that is presumed to be cocaine or liquid heroin, which had arrived in the country from Miami, United States, through the cargo terminal of Las Américas airport.

The seized gallons were inside a cardboard box, which was detected when DNCD and Customs agents made routine checks and inspections of goods imported into the country, by the various couriers that operate in the AILA cargo area. .

According to the reports offered, the gallons with the substance were found in warehouse number 16, BM Cargo, located in the Cabo Caucedo cargo terminal of the Las Américas José Francisco Peña Gómez airport.

In recent months amid the Covid-19 pandemic, cases of narcotic drug trafficking have increased to the country through that area of ​​the Las Américas airport.

For the illegal introduction of drugs, the drug traffickers use different sophisticated methods in order to mislead or evade the controls of the members of the National Directorate of Drug Control on duty at X-ray machines and other strategic locations.

The increase occurred despite the fact that commercial passenger flights were suspended for about 7 months due to the virus problem.

However, despite the situation, the planes for the transfer of cargo for the export and import of domestic products and merchandise continued to operate normally.

Meanwhile, the containers containing the liquid were transferred to the satellite office of the National Directorate of Drug Control DNCD in the Las Américas terminal, for the purpose of submitting it to a laboratory analysis test to establish the type of substance.

Drug traffickers have established a new modality of courier shipments of solid and liquid packages of marijuana and cocaine for home delivery to people in the country.

The DNCD initiated an investigation of the case to find the persons responsible for the importation. In order not to hinder the investigation process, the officials of the agency in charge of the investigations refused to provide further details.


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