Four restaurants, Monica Farina: “I’d do it again immediately”

We hardly have time to offer her an interview about her experience in the “Four Restaurants” program, which Monica almost lets herself be carried away, as if she still felt the adrenaline of the competition very strong.

“I really enjoyed it, it was a wonderful experience.” A few days have passed since the airing of the well-known Sky television program conducted by Alessandro Borghese, and nine weeks from the recording of the Parma episode of the culinary “talent”, now in its seventh edition: but Monica Farina, 55 years old from Fidentine with a past as a model and now the proud owner of the «Xalumeria» in Fontanellato, «she would do everything again tomorrow morning».

Despite the small disappointment of the second final place in the standings of the episode, behind only Elio Greci, one of the two owners of the “Alfione” restaurant in Parma. «But it was just like that – Monica acknowledges – I could not have won because compared to” Alfione “my place is smaller, such as to penalize the aspects more related to the restaurant business of the” Xalumeria “».

During the episode, Monica’s restaurant was however the favorite of the other competitors, who assigned 91 points to the “Xalumeria” of Fontanellato: Alessandro Borghese’s vote was so decisive, that – as they say in the formula of program – “has overturned the situation”, which materialized in the final classification with three points of advantage of “Alfione” over Xalumeria, 128 to 125. A “rivalry”, that between Elio and Monica, inflamed during the recording of the episode, in one of the most animated moments, that of the confrontation between the four restaurateurs at the end of the stages in the various places.

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“There was a heated confrontation between me and Elio, and that was cut from the aired part”, Monica reveals: “When he realized that I was first in the standings and one step away from victory, he given by the “shopkeeper” », the Fidentina says smiling. “But I was able to answer him in kind.”

How did Monica stay with the three opponents after the race?

“I still often feel with Achille from the” restaurant Download “, a wonderful and extraordinary lover of fried cake: I already knew Giselda Gatti from” Golosia “in Gambarato because I am married to her former employer, and to Elio, despite disagreements had in the episode, I remained on good terms ».

Words to honey, from Monica, also for the staff involved in the production of the program and «made up of really good and very attentive people».

And Alessandro Borghese? «He is a very companionable character, especially with cameras on, while away from filming he prefers not to spend much time with us restaurateurs, also not to give rise to possible controversy. He is exuberant but at the same time very professional ».


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