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“Fourth Championship Title Boosts Lithuania’s Olympic Aspirations”

In Kėdainiai, the girls’ and boys’ group competition attracted more attention. There were no surprises in the girl group. The winner of the championship is Dominika Banevič – Bgirl Nicka. D. Banevič, who already celebrated his fourth Lithuanian championship title and dances more often in foreign arenas than at home, said after the award ceremony that a lot has changed since he won the first medal.

“In two dances I and my perception of dance have changed. Of course I have improved. I have many new strong and complex movements. nonetheless, I have strengthened myself psychologically – I no longer have doubts, fears, I go on stage with confidence in my mind “, said the champion.

Bgirl Nicka, an athlete from Lithuania who enjoys great support from viewers all over the world, said that when she dances, she forgets in which part of the world the competition is held, but dancing in Lithuania is always very fun.

Rokas Šaltenis – Bboy Rukus became the Lithuanian repo champion in the boy group for the preceding. According to the dancer, he was able to win against other experienced masters in the country also because of the music that suits his pleasure to play during the competition: “I managed to dance musically, I was relaxed. This aspect is very important for judges who are experienced dancers and have a positive feel for things. No matter how athletic the break is, it’s still a dance. Sometimes the music is too heavy and fast for my taste, and tonight the music made it very enjoyable to dance.”

The silver medal in the Lithuanian girls’ group championship went to Austeja Slavykaita – Bgirl Althea, the bronze award was won by Greta Snitkutė – Bgirl Great. This year, the boys group silver went to Denis Ščiglo – Bboy Deni, the bronze went to Mindaugas Bružus – Bboy M.

Arnas Budreika – Bboy Arnas became the Lithuanian repo champion in the junior age group, Kajus Čiučelis – Bboy Čiūčia in the children’s group.

Athletes who won medals at the Lithuanian Break Championship represent Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda clubs: “LowAir”, “Skillz”, “ANT”, “Ratuto”, “Me Gusta”, “Planet 9”, Pšonka School. A total of 130 dancers participated in this year’s Lithuanian Repo Championship.

The Lithuanian Sports Dance Federation and its Hip-Hop League organized the country’s hip-hop championship for the third time this year, and medals were distributed in individual and team competitions.

Paulina Žilinskaitė, who became the winner of the adult Lithuanian hip-hop championship, admitted that she did not expect to win. The Lithuanian champion thanked the people gathered in the arena, because, according to him, the support of the spectators helped him in dancing and partly determined the victory.

“All emotions arise for me, I want to dance as much as possible and as well as possible, when friends, acquaintances and strangers watch my performance and support me,” P. Žilinskaitė was delighted.

The silver medal in the hip-hop championship went to Eivydas Katkauskas, the bronze to Rokas Pakalnis. Dovydas Davidonis won in the junior and youth age group, Meida Paulauskaitė won in the children.

In duo category competition, when duo performance is evaluated. Rokas Pakalnis and Patricija Grendaitė took gold of the Lithuanian championship, Fausta Linkutė and Viltė Andreikėnaitė took silver, Kamilė Jazokas and Tadas Stankevičius took bronze. Deimilė Valinskaitė and Tėja Gudelė won in the youth duet group, Ieva Vaikutytė and Greta Babkin won in the children’s group.

Group of dancers in Vilnius and Kaunas dance club “ANT”, “No name”, “Me Gusta”, “Dance AK”, “Flash Dance” enjoyed the team competition gold.

This year, more than 400 athletes participated in the Lithuanian hip-hop championship.

In the near future, the eyes of Lithuanian street dance lovers will focus on the European Games to be held in Poland in June, where D. Banevič can win an Olympic ticket. In June, the training camp of the national repo team will be held in Lithuania.

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