Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Fox Sports to Launch Corner Flag at MLS Cup

When football fans watch the 23rd edition of the MLS Cup on Saturday, they will have a new point of view when Fox Sports airs. Broadcaster to launch "flag flag cameras" for the first time to provide a unique view of the entire field as Atlanta United and Portland Timbers compete in the final show of the Major League season Soccer.

"There is probably a finite amount of remaining camera positions in terms of football coverage," Michael Davies, vice president of technical and field operations for Fox Sports, said. "We have seen the value of pylons cameras in American football from time to time, so we decided to try the angle flags. . . [and] we will look for opportunities to use this new view to improve our story. "

ESPN debuted with tower cameras at the inaugural National College Football Playoff Championship in January 2015. The NFL deployed the technology in the 2015 season and its camera angles have grown in popularity ever since.

Pylon cameras have become a useful and reliable tool for American football broadcasts. They offer viewers a perspective from the point of view of the goal line, especially on touchdown passes, penalties near the end zone, and games that end out of bounds.

Fox will also use 16 inhabited cameras and 10 unsupervised cameras to cover the action of the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta. The MLS Cup will start at 7:30 pm Saturday.

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