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France closes almost all public institutions

France closes all essential facilities and also shops.
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According to President Macron’s speech, too many people in France still went to restaurants or cafés, complains Prime Minister Philippe. He announces drastic measures and calls for more discipline.

Frankreich closes all restaurants, shops and bars in the fight against the corona virus. Pharmacies and grocery stores or banks should remain open, announced French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday evening. However, from midnight all public places that are not necessary for life should close. Philippe justified this with the sharp increase in coronavirus cases in the country. The previous measures were obviously not sufficient.

According to the health authorities, France had 4,500 cases on Saturday, compared with 3,661 the previous day. 91 deaths were recorded. However, according to Philippe, the first round of local elections is still to take place on Sunday – with “strict compliance with the instructions”. France had previously announced numerous precautions for the election. New mayors are being elected across the country.

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“The best way to stop the epidemic from spreading is by geographical distance,” said Philippe. After the speech by French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday evening, there were still too many people in restaurants or cafés in France, he complained. Macron addressed the French with a speech and said that all educational institutions will close on Monday.

In France, “phase 3” now applies, Jérôme Salomon, the national health director. This is the highest level in the fight against epidemics. Previously, the second stage had applied; France, among other things, had banned all events with more than people.

Philippe has now announced that public transport should also be restricted. He called on the French to be more disciplined. “Our goal is to protect you. I am aware of the efforts and sacrifices that are required of you, ”he said.



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