France confirms first cases of new coronavirus in Europe

According to French Health Minister Agnese Buzina, one case was confirmed to a patient in Bordeaux and two in Paris.

According to her, all three patients have been in China, and she is predicting new cases. According to Buzina, the only reason why the first cases were confirmed in France is because it has developed a test that allows the disease to be diagnosed quickly.

One of the patients, a 48-year-old man hospitalized in Bordeaux, traveled through the outbreak in Wuhan before returning to France on Wednesday. Both hospitalized in Paris are close relatives.

A Bordeaux hospitalized patient had contacted about 10 people before being taken to hospital, and authorities are trying to contact them, Buzina said.

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The virus was originally found in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China. The seafood and animal market has been identified as an outbreak.

To date, 26 deaths from the new virus have been confirmed, but more than 850 have been infected. In addition, two of the deaths have already been reported outside Hubei Province.

China has imposed significant transport restrictions on 13 cities, restricting movement for 43 million people.

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Outbreaks outside China have been reported in Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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