France: Lorie finally becomes a mother

Lorie has just won a great victory. While suffering from endometriosis, a disease that can make you sterile, the 38-year-old singer and actress was able to give birth to her first child, a little Nina, as she announced on September 11, 2020, on Instagram. “I have had many dreams but this one is the fulfillment of a lifetime. The one that makes that from one day to the next my essential has changed for the better, ”she wrote in her message, caption of a blurred photo where she appears with her baby.

Lorie’s daughter, born from her relationship with her companion, Yann Dernaucourt, was born on August 12, according to “Closer“. Very discreet about her pregnancy, the artist had not revealed her rounded belly on social networks. So it was a surprise to his fans. “I was waiting a bit before telling you. I needed to take the time. The time to discover us, the time to understand and tame us, she writes. Time to savor, at our own pace, each of these first, intense, unique moments. We deserved it, after the obstacle course that was my desire for motherhood. And the interpreter of “Your best friend” to specify: “For these reasons, I had not revealed anything until now but also by superstition. During the pregnancy I was afraid that something bad would happen, not very rational I agree… ”

Lorie had discovered her illness after an ectopic pregnancy and the freezing of her eggs in Spain. “This message is also for those who must fight to be able to give life. Tell you never to lose hope, to have faith in your desire, until the end, ”she added.

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