France reduces contagions by 40% and says it will have passed the peak of the second wave – Coronavirus

The peak of the second wave of the pandemic in France has already “presumably” been surpassed, the French public health authority said on Friday, which nevertheless calls for them to maintain “preventive measures.

Health authorities stress that in the week of 9 to 15 November, the number of new contagions decreased 40% compared to the previous week and, at the same time, deaths, hospitalizations and patients in intensive care decreased.

Those responsible consider that there is an “unequivocal relationship” with the measures adopted, namely the partial confinement decided by the Gallic Government.

“The current results show a noticeable decrease in all indicators, more pronounced in the first metropolises that were placed in curfews”, they add. The first French cities were placed under these measures on 17 October, including, for example, Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

In the week of November 9 to 15, 182,783 new infections were confirmed, a figure that compares with 305,135 in the previous week. The rate of positivity of the tests (proportion of positive cases in relation to the tests performed) decreased from 19.7% to 16.2%.

The French Prime Minister, however, refused to advance this Friday with a date for the reopening of trade considered non-essential.

“The dates will be announced next week,” said Jean Castex.

France has accounted for almost 2.1 million cases since the start of the pandemic, with more than 47,000 fatalities.


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