France-United States: "no one will look at women's football in the same way," says the Paris FC girls' coach


Lara is 11 years old, is as tall as three apples and has a new idol: "Eugenie Le Sommer, because she is beautiful and plays very well in football like all the others. I would like to be like her one day: play a World Cup and win, "smiles the small attacker of Paris FC, full of pep.

Lara did not wait to admire the blonde blue to play football. It's been 6 years that she feels the ball at the PFC, the club Gaëtane Thiney and Charlotte Bilbault. "We love them because they give us even more desire to do the same. Me, it's thanks to them that I play ball. I did not start watching the World Cup but seeing a old match Blue against Brazil. Yes, old because it was there … Pff, a year, maybe two, "laughs Manuella, Lara's girlfriend of 11 years old" and a half, please "because at this age, everything is important. "I did not know there was a Girls World Cup. I knew about boys because I looked a little bit last year. For "us", I did not know. I still started looking because my parents agreed and I liked, "says Lana, barely 7 years old, politely raising her finger.

"No one will look at the girls who play and women's football in the same way," says Tracy Nzengo, head of the Paris FC Women's Football School.

This Friday night, the apprentice champions of the PFC will all be watching TV like a few million French. They will shout "Come Blue!" To their favorite players, always the same: Eugénie Le Sommer, Amandine Henry and Wendie Renard. "I know a little others but I do not remember their name," apologizes Lamisse between two battles of water to cool off. "Oh yes, I know Gaëtane Thiney because she plays in my club. But I have never seen it in real life. I hope that after that, she will come to see us ", finishes the girl when Melina takes the fly:" You still think that we will miss the match against America. I will be in my couch with my parents. I'll have a flag and a blue-white-red stick on my cheeks … "" They say my boy! Lara's elbow nudge which forecasts a 2-1 optimistic for France. "Frankly, they often talk to us about this World Cup for three weeks," says Tracy Nzengo, one of the leaders of the women's football school club Paris. In the cloakroom, I hear them talking to each other and say, " you saw the action of a woman, the purpose how beautiful it was ". It really interests them and it surprises us all because at the beginning, no girl knew that there was a World Cup. After what we saw, no one will look at the little ones who play and the women's foot in the same way. Whatever the result against the USA, there will be a before and after, "rejoices the educator who expects an influx of news dismissed in September.


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