France wants Algeria’s involvement – La Nouvelle Tribune

Taking advantage of a trip he made to Algeria, the head of French diplomacy appealed to the country’s authorities to seek their involvement in the search for a solution to the Libyan crisis. For Jean-Yves Le Drian, the neighboring and border countries of Libya are exposed to the various consequences that the crisis can generate. According to him, they are in a position to seek a peaceful solution to these clashes.

“The role of neighboring countries is essential ..”

“The role of neighboring countries is essential because they are the first to be affected by the risks posed by this crisis and they can play a stabilizing role with Libyan actors, unlike the interference of external powers”, in particular hammered the French Minister of Foreign Affairs during the meeting he had this Thursday, October 15 with the Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

No military solution according to Le Drian

«In Libya, we agree with Algeria that there is no military solution ”, he reaffirmed in his statement on this conflict which mainly opposes two camps. It is about the forces of the marshal Khalifa Haftar which are based in the East and the Government of National Union which has taken up residence in Tripoli. The authority of the GNA, which is recognized by the international community, is contested by the marshal who has been fighting it for several months.

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