France’s wounded heart continues to bleed

The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris a year after the devastating fire
Picture: AFP

Notre-Dame burned a year ago. At that time, President Macron announced that the world-famous cathedral would be rebuilt by 2024. But this goal has come a long way.

DThe shock of the fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is still deep a year later. Five-star General Jean-Louis Georgelin calls the damaged church the “wounded heart of our nation”. President Emmanuel Macron had recalled the former chief of staff of the army from retirement to oversee a highly ambitious repair plan.

Michaela Wiegel

According to the President’s goal, the cathedral should be restored for believers and visitors from all over the world within five years. But his full-bodied promise to present the building to the world just in time for the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024 has given way to new caution. Under the impact of the Corona crisis, Macron called for a rethink on Monday evening. It is important to relearn the ability to think in long periods of time. “We are vulnerable, we forgot that,” he said.


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