Francesco Totti was close to divorce with Ilary Blasi over a cat

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Francesco Totti spoke about his relationship with Ilary Blasi after they got married in 2005. In a chat with his former teammate Christian Vieri, the former captain of Rome revealed that he thought about divorce after her partner came home with a hairless cat, a breed called Egyptian cats.

I was furious with my wife, she bought a hairless cat and Donna Paola called him. At night, he insists on sleeping in our bed, next to our legs. She is a very affectionate cat, but almost made us break“, He said.

The former soccer player explained that his wife wanted a pet, but he did not allow it. This mattered little to Blasi, because one day he came with the animal.

Ilary wanted a cat at all costs and I insisted that we shouldn’t. One day, she brought him home, because she finally makes all the decisions in this family, “he recalled.

The anger reached the point of stopping talking and starting the distancing, but time passed and the same Totti ended up accepting the pet.

We didn’t talk for days, but in the end, I fell in love with the cat too


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