October 21, 2019

Newsy Today


Francis Ford Coppola supports Martin Scorsese Status against Marvel

While the cinema world would not come to a conclusion, Francis Ford Coppola agrees with his paradise, Martin Scorsese, that Marvel's films are not films. In fact, Mr Coppola progressed further, calling the "MC" despicable and speaking to journalists in Lyon, France after receiving the Prix Lumiere award. "When Martin Scorsese says that cinemas are not the Marvel pictures, he's right because we're hoping to learn something from the cinema, we're hoping to find something, some insight, some knowledge, some inspiration," it is said to say.

Now there is no doubt that Mr Scorsese is a master filmmaker and that Coppola has THE GODFATHER, but with Scorsese 76 and Coppoloa 80, this type is like a “provocative old man”. Get out of my lawn, its superheroes! I thought movies were subjective. The cinema is entertaining and filmmakers can enjoy their enjoyment and insight in anything they choose! Also, Coppola could be supporting the wonderful Martin Scorsese here, but doing this for a while: Coppola also supported a guilty pedophile, Victor Salva, when the executive first put both CREDIT FILM OF SOCIETY Available. I wonder what Captain America has to say about that?