Frank Vandenbroucke responds to the mayors who will let the Horeca sector reopen on May 1: “Particularly cowardly”

This Wednesday, even before the final announcements from the Concertation Committee, the mayor of Middelkerke, Jean-Marie Dedecker, announced his intention to allow horeca terraces to reopen on May 1. However, as a reminder, the government has decided to postpone this possibility to May 8. An initiative that was not the first on the part of Jean-Marie Dedecker, who had already installed tables on the terrace in his town in order to allow the population to consume food and drinks during the holidays. spring (Easter).

Statements to which Frank Vandenbroucke responded last night on the set of VTM. For him, the message given is “particularly loose”. For the Minister of Health, the agreements concluded by the government “assume that the mayors will help in the application of these measures”. With this declaration, Frank Vandenbroucke also responds to all the mayors who have already announced that they will not issue a ticket, for lack of resources, to the restaurateurs who will reopen on May 1.

“It’s easy to say ‘I don’t care’ but once you start saying it’s the ‘Wild West’ you really end up in the Wild West,” insisted the minister.


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