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Frank Vandenbroucke takes the catering industry to the crematorium

With the face mask saga, the Chovane denial and Trumpian populism in mind, I propose introducing a tax on politicians’ ‘ability’ to lie. Because of its lucrative nature, this lying power tax can also be extended to virologists and MSM journalists. According to the De Croojaans nursery accumulative, the budgeted income is +/- 50 billion euros by 2024. After static recalculation by Minister Van Peteghem, however, it turns out to be only 5 billion euros. The De Croo family often kicks the ball into the crotch. Alexander’s mom was kept home for years to knit socks by the fireplace, but now she was allowed to shed light on justice. According to ‘La mama De Croo’, the legal profession must be genetically reserved for an esoteric lodge of lads and court damsels. Mama De Croo’s bourgeois bourgeoisie confirms the elite macromania of the royal family of Brakel. Butchers’ sons must realize that their stupid DNA doesn’t allow them to ever become a lawyer, let alone prime minister:Chop the meat, and shut up‘. Luckily my dad is a gravedigger and I have no butcher DNA in my genes.

Bullshit detectors in the Wetstraat

In addition to smoke detectors, bullshit detectors must also be installed in parliaments. It must be a silent alarm otherwise you will be hearing mad in parliaments.

Tom Van Greeks, who has been raping our privacy for years via social media and other data targets, does not want to install the ‘Coronalert’ app on his mobile phone. He fears Big Brother aberrations. A bit like he misuses the mobile numbers of the Heysel demonstrators to bombard them with advertisements from Vlaams Belang via Whatsapp. Each is a thief in his business and fears the theft of another.

Stickie Quickie wants to bring all Belgians to their knees with fines, only not in Molenbeek and the Brussels Region. There, the officers wear pampers and the judiciary fails to keep the street harness in the Palace of Justice long enough to convict them. Stickie Quickie misunderstood speedy justice. Dear Vincent, summary justice does not mean that criminals are released more quickly. Because even before the hammer hits the hammer, the city pirates sit on Brussels terraces preaching their criminal religion. Fines don’t help either. In Brussels, they are mirages of bare boulders that slide like water from a duck. The fate of the Fleming is the fact that Flemish bailiffs are also hard workers. The blessing for the people of Brussels is the Walloon à l’aise mentality of their collection lambbags.

The purple-green Brussels poco piers compensate for the lost income due to the non-registration of PVs and their inability to collect fines, due to the milking of the Flemish commuters. After their LEZ leech, the green purse cutters now want to introduce a city toll. There are too many traffic jams and the only solution is to burden the rich hard-working Fleming extra. The purple-green yoga noses and alternative plant smokers have to wait too long for their substance merchants because of the traffic jams and they get chills. If the European Parliament is to be permanently housed in Strasbourg, the Flemish Parliament moves to, say, Ghent and companies prefer the periphery to the tax, the cargo bike will be king in an empty Brussels. Brussels is gradually becoming the Bedrock of Belgium where Fred and Wilma live on a green foot.

The catering lockdown

Alexander De Croo and Frank Vandenbroucke are according to the poll The last news and VTM the most popular politicians. This could be different now. The catering lockdown is a premeditated murder attempt. No research indicates that visits to the catering industry cause significant additional spread of the corona virus. All scientists and politicians admit this in unison. But the hospitality industry is still going for it. For the first time since the start of the corona crisis, scientists and politicians agree. The catering lockdown is top-shelf nonsense from a scientific, political, economic and social point of view. Decades after this decision, psychologists will look for the Freudian cause of this mass hysteria of idiocy.

Pyromaan Vandenbroucke first burned the right-wing Open Vld program and now takes his match to the cafes and restaurants. The hearses are ready to take 60,000 catering establishments to the crematorium of madness. I have to say: things are progressing surprisingly quickly with Vandenbroucke. Forward to the abyss. Forward to the red flame of entrepreneurial Flanders. When the urns of Flemish entrepreneurship are soon stored in the columbarium, the doom image of the state monopoly beckons, coincidentally the wet dream of populist Conner Rousseau.

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